Kerala/Matta Rice

Does anyone know where to buy Kerala or Matta rice in Los Angeles?


I know Mayura sells it cooked, they might sell you some dry or point you in the right direction.

Your local Indian store didn’t have it?

Have you tried India Sweets and Spices, The website for the store is down but when I have visited their Northridge location it was pretty encyclopedic. I was able to get fresh curry leaves, a difficult find in America, as well as lots of other wonderful Indian ingredients. Their deli has good food; it was vegan (at least last time I was there), but delicious. Not sure where you are located, but they have a number of locations around LA. Good luck!

Thanks, everyone! We could go anywhere in L.A. for Kerala Rice. IS&S seems to have a similar rice (Royal Rose Matta Rice), but upon further inspection it seems to be the Crystal Sona Masoori Rice perhaps from Karnataka.

I don’t see it on the menu online. Is it usually a special?

fresh curry leaves have been easily available in every indian grocery in america for more than a decade now.

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Here in Boston you can get them even at WholeFoods

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Just go. At lunch buffet there’s a troth of it out. It’s the softer puffier rice right ? I see the owners eating it the most

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My bad. Guess I am showing my age. I first bought curry leaves in 2008 when my daughter was about to go off to college. Haven’t cooked much Indian since then as my wife hates it. You’re not that annoying - just blunt.

MAO’s Mumbai recc’s ROCK, though!

Will update in Asia section later. But did make it to Brittania & Co. To pay our respects. Fantastic.

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Exactly. Softer and puffier. And the really premium stuff should be streaked with red.

I would think Pioneer Cash and Carry has it, but if not I know one of the stores on Pioneer in Artesia carries it.

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Oh hi :wave:

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Thank you! Will give that a look. And welcome!

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i assume you’ve tried namaste on hill north of the 210 or bhanu at the old how’s location at rosemead & huntington.

“fresh curry leaves have been easily available in every indian grocery in america for more than a decade now”

As someone who used to cook Indian food regularly, I can assure you that is not true.

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that’s nice.

Sri Lankan Delight in Tarzana has matta rice in the store, but not for online orders.
The various Indian grocers in Artesia should carry it too.

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