@kevin has a new LA Weekly review - The Ramen Joint (Westchester)

@kevin has done it again!

… and my own thoughts on the place when it first opened back around May 2016


Excellent, right in my neighborhood. I love fried oysters.

So, it seems the very first sentence of the article is incorrect?

“The Ramen Joint opened in late 2016 . . .”

A bit pedantic, I know, but the journalism major in me cringes.

I’ve been wanting to try it. Went once just before 2pm, and they wouldn’t seat me (their lunch ends at 2:15pm). Rats. Will try again soon, though!

We live in a post-truth world…


[quote=“President_Mochi, post:3, topic:5004”]
the journalism major in me
[/quote]Then can I ask a question? Anyone else can answer this too, ahem @J_L. Why are certain foods (nouns) in italics? I like it and would do it, but not without knowing why?

AP Style doesn’t use any italics, but in other style guides, one of the ways italics is used is foreign words not yet assimilated into English, which I believe is what’s going on in @kevin’s article. I’m no expert, though.


No, that was pretty good. I did notice, not just in kevin’s article, but also on FTC it is used mostly with foreign words. So it’s not a rule? I like it though. Thanks!

"Moving on to the main event, there’s the classic, creamy pork-based tonkatsu ramen broth. "



what’s tonkatsu broth for fuck’s sake??? thanks man.


It’s been changed in the article.

Kevin knows little about Japanese food. Tonkotsu is not “the traditional” broth in Ramen, or even a traditional style available throughout Japan. It’s a Kyushu regional (not Kanto or Kansai) specialty that’s now popular throughout Japan.

I never saw Tonkotsu in either the Tokyo region when I was there (multiple times in the 80’s through the 90’s growing up), or in Hakodate when I lived there for two months in the early 90’s. Shoyu Ramen was, by far, the most common ramen in both areas, and that’s usually a blend of chicken, and fish soups, and, sometimes, pork soup. But the Shoyu Ramens I saw were almost never cloudy like prototypical Tonkotsu soups are.


I kind of thought he meant traditional in LA since typically that is the only kind of ramen you see ramen joints serving up in LA, but I could be wrong.

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Anywhere in LA where I can find a good shoyu ramen?I’m tired of tonkotsu.

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Are you discounting the place that the thread you are posting in is about? If so, is it because you tried it and it sucks?

Doesn’t seem like anyone else has been there yet.

Im not discounting this place. I’m looking for a clearer type shoyu ramen. The Ramen Joint serves a Shoyu tonkotsu and a shoyu chicken broth which I believe is not the same thing as what I’m looking for. What I’m looking for is a clearer, less thick and not creamy broth.

these are my go-to’s for shoyu ramen: kai ramen, anzutei ramen, men oh

because I’ve been tired of tonkotsu for years.

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You ever try out Kitakata? Really light broth. Ns1 also recommending good others ones it seems.

Yes, been there and really enjoy it (Costa Mesa Location) I haven’t been to the BuenaPark location. I was just looking for other options, expand my shoyu horizons if you will.

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One of my friends goes to Jidaiya in Gardena for their Tokyo Yatai which is a Shoyu Ramen.


The shoyu ramen at Jidaiya in Torrance is pretty freaking awesome

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Yeah agree that the Tokyo Yatai shoyu at Jidaiya is solid