KFC Chicken Littles

Does anyone else remember KFC Chicken Littles?

I am trying to remember the components. I recall a potato-ish bun, a ground fried chicken patty and lots of mayo but it has been so long I don’t totally trust myself.

The best things I can find are this blog post and this chowhound thread.

I was going to try to make them for a Thanksgiving get together but I am finding surprisingly little info about them on the internet. There is one recipe but it doesnt seem close to the original.

If anyone has any leads on a recipe or remembers the components better than I can the help would be greatly appreciated.

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I remember eating them and the commercials but have no idea on recipes. Good luck.

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Yeah… I was never a KFC fan… My family went to Pioneer for their industrial rust colored spicy chicken…

However, I had no idea that Chicken Littles were essentially Flatish chicken nuggets. Here one of the many videos on youtube about making home made Chickie Nuggies…


This is truly helpful :pray:t5:

They still slang chicken littles at KFC

Edit evidently this version is not the same as the OG

You’re right on with the recipe. Soft roll (probably potato), a flat chicken “nugget”, and mayo. I wasn’t a huge KFC fan, but there was a location right next to my job. At $0.35 each, they were perfect for a starving teenager. I ate a ton of those things.


My folks used to bring bagfuls of them home for me and my sisters. We would crush a few each and my folks would crush even more. Honestly, remembering them has me wondering if they were stoners :thinking:.


So I did it:

Method was as follows:

For the bread I made Amish dinner rolls from King Arthur Flour.

For the chicken I skinned and ground (2) 3lb Jidoris. Instead of chopping, I used my KitchenAid meat grinder attachment and then followed the seasoning method from the video @Dommy linked to above.

I then took the ground chicken and spread it evenly over a parchment lined quarter sheet pan. Covered it with another sheet pan and weighed it down to make sure the ground chicken was distributed evenly. Par-froze the chicken then cut it into squares. I made this ground chicken mix a few days ahead so I froze these with parchment between the squares.

When I was ready to bread them I used this recipe from a KFC Forum. (Side note the forum is pretty incredible. Imagine FTC but solely focused on KFC :laughing:)

I deep fried the patties in peanut oil at about 350 for 5 min.

Slathered the buns with some Kewpie mayo and lots of pepper.

It was a ton of work but I will definitely be making these again.


I remember Chicken Littles in the 80s as a flat piece of battered fried chicken breast or thigh, not as ground meat. I remember them having a strong pepper flavor too, because I love black pepper. This was in the Midwest though, so maybe a regional difference? We only had 3 fast food places in our area and KFC was the best one. Chicken Littles were a big treat when we went into town. I was really sad when they stopped carrying them.


I had a really long debate with myself about whether or not to do ground or a pounded out breast. I recall them being square patties and found this very poor quality pic.


I figured this shape would work easiest with ground so I just went for it.

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OH WOW!!! I’m so glad you went for it and what a great cobbling of recipes to get the nugget and batter right! Congrats!

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learn new things everyday. :laughing:

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For real did not know where to start and the video you linked got my brain working in the right way. I owe you one chicken little :laughing:

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Wow, KFC forum is interesting. Notably:


I used to love these in the late 80s… we always enjoyed when we got one with what we called “Mayonnaise Overload” (a hefty smear of mayo on a particular little). I thought they were ground chicken too (California). Man, I miss those… thanks for the walk down memory lane, and the recipes!