Khao Soi by Inthanon Thai

I was in the area today for lunch and had this place bookmarked on my to do list so I gave it a try. I got the Khao Soi with pork sausage and it was great. I am by no means a Khao Soi expert but I thought this tasted great, better than what I had at Noodle Tramp in DTSA (tad too sweet for me). I did think the bowl was rather smallish for $10 but the taste delivered. I ordered medium heat and it was rather mild, definitely will ask for hot next time.

Has anyone else tried it? Or their other location?

How is it compared to Night+Market’s? There seems to be a lot of talk about this place mimicking N+M.

I still prefer Night + Market because it provides a bigger punch of flavor and more complex flavors. Did they really copy them?

I didn’t delve any further, partly because I’m not one for drama stirred up by Eater and also because I can’t currently eat spicy or acidic foods. :pensive:

I thought Noodle Tramp’s was a bit too sweet too, so I’ll have to give Inthanon Thai a try some time. Current favorite is probably Pailin - love those pungent lemongrass and kaffir lime aromatics present in their broth.

Ressurecting this topic after seeing an episode of Somebody Feed Phil where he goes nuts over this dish (well… he goes nuts over lots of things, but anyway…). I’d appreciate recs on where to find the best Khao Soi in Orange County (CA), the farther South the better. Thanks.