Killer desserts in a beautiful setting?

I have to work late on my birthday but would still like to celebrate with my husband with drinks and dessert. Can you recommend places with great desserts in a beautiful setting, preferably in or close to downtown LA?

Redbird would be a good option. Beautiful space and excellent bar to boot.




Providence (while not downtown) has a dessert tasting menu!

bazaar at sls is great, separate dessert area, nice drinks, not downtown

Oooh I did not know that! Providence has been my bucket list for years.

Yep. Redbird would fit the bill perfectly.

Especially if you throw in the drinks aspect:

Providence 6 course dessert tasting is $50 or $85 with wine paring. Call first to make sure it still offered. Here is a sample dessert and dessert tasting menu…

What’s “late”?

If you can get in by around 9:30 or so, then either Patina or newly remodeled Nick and Stef’s would both work

But a better option, and perhaps the best given your criteria (drinks, dessert, beautiful setting), would be WP24.

You can dine at WP24 past curfew (which I believe is 10?), if you have a room at the Ritz.

So, since it’s your birthday, why not get a room at the Ritz, get some dessert, and then retire upstairs to, ahem, work off dessert? By celebrating in style?

Happy birthday.

Love wp24 nice spot great service. But the desserts aren’t to my style. That pork belly thing can sub in with the dragons breath margarita.

Dessert in the garden at ZINC Arts District is really pretty wonderful. Beautiful setting among the olive trees, solid drinks, can even grab a bottle of champagne from the Marketplace at no corkage. On a warm night, it could be magical.