Killer Easy Tasty Homemade Focaccia

Continuing the discussion from Killer Easy Tasty Homemade Focaccia for us West Coasters:

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and… completely spaced on my tickets to go see Spiderman… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


So I had the week off and decided to try a variation of this super easy focaccia recipe as my very first bread. I love focaccia and it’s something I really can’t find a great version nearby. So I used this recipe…

It all went well with the first step. Then I kept it in the fridge for a bit more than the recommended 24 hours because… christmas… and took it way to late in the evening to then get everything to set up and bake. All the meanwhile my seat at the Alamo was enjoying No Way Home without me.

I realized this as soon as I put the Focaccia in the oven… iwassomad. It certainly dulled the excitement of it all when it came out of oven…

After setting it out to cool, I cut it up. Does fresh baked Focaccia make up for spacing on something your REALLY wanted to do…?


But I was still pretty happy about how it came out. It certainly rose well and had a really tender moist crumb. Only two slight issues. I need to add more olive oil to the pan, it stuck a little bit. Maybe shave 5 minutes from my convectionbake mode. Also, IRONICALLY, I may let the next batch cold forment 48 hours a little while longer… to get some nice BIG bubbles.

I wrapped it up and today as i set upon the rest of my holiday tasks… I made a sandwich with said Focaccia… Did it make up for having to wait until after Christmas to go see this movie and dodge spoilers for several more days…?


But it was a fine use of Prosciutto Cotto

Mehry Chrisphmos.