Kim's Restaurant on Crenshaw Has Toishanese Pressed Almond Duck

As we know from previous threads on this board, oldtime Toishanese/Cantonese pressed almond duck has become a rarity in LA, with Paul’s Kitchen and a couple of places in Montebello being among the few existing purveyors. Consequently I was extremely surprised to find this dish on the menu at Kim’s Restaurant on Crenshaw since it’s not nearly as old as Paul’s Kitchen and I really didn’t recall seeing it on the menu when I lived in the area. Indeed I had almost forgotten about Kim’s until this spring’s episode where at the start of the pandemic, they shut down their operation due to anti-Chinese harassment as was noted in a thread on this board earlier this year. Apparently they were contemplating closing permanently, but their customers managed to track them down and tell them how much they were missed. So when they reopened I spotted the dish on the menu and finally checked it out today. And there it was, cubes of fried duck meat with a little crunchy filling and that great gloppy brown gravy with a few nuts thrown in. And as a special bonus, as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t dripping in oil like some of the remaining versions around town. So if downtown or Montebello is not a convenient drive for you, this is a place to check out for oldtime almond duck, as well as other favorites. (Note despite the Crenshaw Blvd. address, you enter the parking lot from the backside entrance on Bronson, just a block away from where they found the Black Dahlia.)


What else do you recommend from Kim’s?

This was actually my first visit to Kim’s since I (sort of) left the neighborhood in the 1990s.


I would recommend any of the veggie dishes. My favorite is their Asparagus… but @TheCookie had an experience where they were out. :frowning: But they get loads of fresh veggies in everyday and cook them very well…

I also love the Cantonese Noodles with the crispy pan fried noodles. These actually travel rather well…

Egg Foo Youngs are Excellent… Their gravy is SPOT on to what I remember from set menu places growing up… Rich and flavorful

Their egg rolls are plump and meaty. They are not as refined as New York Egg Rolls however, but again, the star here is the fresh veg…

Here’s the main post about Kims…


The Almond Duck at Kims has been a family must order for years.


Wow I haven’t had a good egg foo young in years

The pics above are from a dinner I had with friends pre-pandemic. But they do combo meals at lunch and dinner where you can get one BIG Egg Foo Young… The gravy is good but the egg foo young is also nice and fluffy. So tasty… This photo is from Yelp…

I should also say… I don’t find their fried rice to be that special. I also recently ordered their sweet and sour pork and it was okay. I think the Veggie Stirfries are where they shine… although I can’t wait to try this duck!!


Thanks. There have been numerous threads in the 20 years plus of online restaurant message boards about pressed almond duck, and Kim Restaurant never came up. Presumably that’s because it was so far out of the foodie mainstream. Hope that changes.


Don’t forget to order the Tofu w/Brown Sauce! :hearts: