Kingburg Kitchen (San Gabriel): A Pictorial Essay

Solid, flavorful cooking, hand-pulled noodles, excellent fish jiaozi (dumplings), and a damn good shenjianbao (pan-fried bao)… Ladies & gentlemen, I give you - Kingburg Kitchen.


That makes me so happy and hungry.

fish dumplings.

i’m so fucking down.

I went once to fucking Kingburg if it’s the joint right across from the mini-mall that housed Tan Cang (or Newport Seafood before it moved to the old Marie Calendar’s chalet style room in the SGV a few years back) ???

king burger left me a little nonplussed.

maybe i’ll give it another whirl.

what says the rest of the fucking crew ???


they appear to be fried on both sides, which makes me want to put them in the mini xian bing category vs SJB which are fried then steamed pot-sticker style.

they look good though.

this says nothing to me. what did you order? they “had” good taiwanese beef noodle soup + varietal dumpling for ~ < $8.

Alternatively where are you gonna eat? Luscious? F that.

Nanjing salted duck is legit and just across the street; also Hui Tou Xiang, if you feel like devouring ShenJianBurritos. Carbalicious, and nary a trace of hipster mahlah in any of that goodness.

What is a ShenJian burrito???

Here you go (photo of hui tou xiang attributed to Cathy Chaplin at