Kingston, Jamaica in February

Feel free to move this topic to a more appropriate board, but I will be in Kingston for the first time next month and I wanted to find out if there are any recommended spots for delicious (and preferably cheap) food. I was told Hellshire Beach and Port Royal are good locations for fresh cooked fish, but I haven’t gotten any specific recs. Any leads are appreciated :smiley_cat:

Bumping my thread, since I leave next week. Look for budget-minded food recs in Kingston. Thanks!

Well, looks like I’ll just do a food report when I return :smiley_cat:

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Photos 1-3. Gloria’s seafood restaurant in Port Royal. Got the fried fish and bammy. Delicious.
Photos 4-9. Scotchies jerk restaurant in Kingston. Got jerk chicken, rice and peas, bread fruit, and roast sweet potato.
Photo 10. Rum raisin ice cream at Devon House.
Photo 11-12. Home-cooked Jamaican breakfast. Saltfish, callaloo, plaintains, boiled yam and sweet potato, dumpling. Fresh fruit plate with papaya, banana, pineapple, Jamaican apple, and citrus. Coffee in Jamaica is typically served with sweetened condensed milk.
Photo 13. Fried chicken with rice and peas and salad.
Photo 14-15. Chinese food from Dragon City Restaurant. Chicken and Broccoli and shrimp fried rice.
Photo 16. Guava juice from Ital spot Standford and Earls. Good selection of health food.
Photos 17-18. Jerk chicken patty from Sugar & Spice. Really liked the flakey crust on this one.
Photo 19. Popular roadside sweet peanut snack with ginger.
Photo 20. Mona Lodge breakfast. Sausage and johnny cakes.
Photo 21-22. Juici Patties chicken patty. Crust not as flaky, but still good. Also had a veggie stuffed with greens and peas.
Photo 23. Mona Lodge breakfast of broad beans and saltfish with fried bammy.
Photo 24. Mona Lodge breakfast of ackee and saltfish with festival.
Last photo: Airport breakfast. Saltfish and ackee, boiled banana, yam, callaloo, and dumpling.

Really enjoyed my trip and the food. Definitely want to work in more fresh seafood next time.