Kiriko Sushi (Sawtelle Japantown) Take-Out: A Pictorial Essay

I wanted to support our local restaurants during these trying times by doing take-out, so when I heard that Kiriko was actually offering take-out nigiri (something that they hadn’t done before), I just had to try it. Let’s go!!!

When I arrived to pick up my order, maintaining my distance was easy, because they were no other customers there - Friendly and easy ordering, pick-up and payment process here at Kiriko. Owner/Chef Ken-san came out to greet me with a quick elbow bump. He states that business is noticeably slower, but at the same time he is hopeful that Kiriko’s take-out business can sustain this period of uncertainty.

And now, onto the food!!!

Hotaru ika with shiro miso, cucumbers, seaweed and myoga… Wonderful. These firefly squid may seem little, but they are hugely packed with flavor, and in season right now!

Takenoko special… Enjoying young and tender bamboo shoots is a true sign of spring arriving!

Grilled saba… Fantastic. The dense flesh of this fish really shines in this preparation. And it was still warm after a brief drive back home!

Ikura don… I don’t know where Ken-san sources his ikura, but these salmon eggs are absolutely marvelous. (The Asahi Extra Dry was from my personal stash at home.)

Nigiri assortment: Buri, maguro, mirugai, kohada, and murasaki uni… Each piece was excellent! Note the care that the restaurant places into its packaging by putting a thin layer of foil around each piece of gunkan uni in order to preserve its integrity during travel - Very impressive. The shari on the nigiri did taste a tad cooler after the trip home. However, this is unavoidable, and was a very minor quibble for me because the neta itself was so delicious.

(Not pictured!) Housemade sea salt and sakura ice cream… Whoa! So great! My family inhaled this seasonal dessert faster than I could grab a photo of it!

Spring, and the hope it carries, was infused into this take-out meal. I loved it, and now I cannot wait to see what other chefs around town will come up with for take-out options as we Angelenos weather this storm together.


Kiriko Sushi
11301 W. Olympic Bl. Suite #102
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Thanks for the great report @J_L. :slight_smile: The nigiri assortment all looks so pristine and fresh! Great To-Go option to have when we want a break from home cooking. :slight_smile:

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So glad I got in before the ban. They were fantastic. The scallop has almost a crunch to it. Love the texture, nodoguro , golden thread among others and they were nice enough to make a toro takuan hand roll for me.

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Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s just a hospitality thing even if no one is going to sit down they want the room to look warm and inviting


I went just before the ban was announced.

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Aw yeah!

Really love how they’ve adapted to the situation. Would love to see more restaurants follow suit where practical.

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Shunji is also doing a “To-Go” menu.

Super Wagamama Bowl this weekend: Honmaguro, salmon, negitoro, ikura and Santa Barbara uni goodness…


Craving high end sushi. It was my last real pre-pandemic meal at a place in TriBeCa before the title wave really hit New York, Kiriko (I haven’t been in years but I always liked the place) or Shunji (where I’ve never been)? Kiriko slightly more geographically convenient but it’s half dozen one to the other.

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we did Shunji and Kiriko back to back
our opinion was that Kiriko was quite good, but Shunji better, sort of mirroring the way we felt after dining at each.
No that Shunji is on Tock, much easier to order Kiriko

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Thanks @beam. That’s helpful. I think I will do Shunji when I feel safe to drive again. Someone broke into my car and strewed everything from the center console and glove compartment all over the seats and now I’m debating how long COVID-19 can live in a car before it is safe to go inside the car again. Sigh. And I really wanted Shunji today. Instead, I ordered Umeda on DoorDash for delivery. It seemed like the most legitimate of the sushi places that were available for delivery. Will report back.

Updated - never mind Umeda cancelled my order.

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i am very sorry to hear that
i imagine the virus will not live for more than a day, wear mask, wipe down everthing, and leave your car in the sun.
borrow a car and go to Kiriko to get some sushi!