Kirkland (Costco) wines

What’s the opinion of people here regarding the Kirkland in-house wines?

I met someone the other day who was raving about them.

Never tried them myself.

Curious as to your thoughts.

Ipse, like any other broad-based wine brand I’ve seen reviews of some some called good and some not so great. Hopefully there’ll be some detailed reports from others posted soon. My overall impression has been that checking wine boards and cellar tracker is the smart play.

They have a Cotes du Rhone for $6.99 that is marginally better than you’ll find at Trader Joe’s for the same price point.

imho, they are far from being good “across the board.”

some here and there are very good, but you can’t just rely on the lable.

A friend brought a bottle of Malbec from the Lihuli Costco, quite decent, iirc Mendoza was mentioned on the label.