Kissa Tanto - No reservation

Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to get seating for four at Kissa Tanto without a reservation on a Saturday night?

On their booking website, it appears there are no reservations for weeks and they say they do accept walk-ins.


Have you tried your credit card concierge? Amex in my case.

I don’t make reservations any other way.

Staying at a decent hotel. No help. Tried Amex. No dice.

Have you been, ipse?

Nope, never been.

I’m sorry to confirm that Kissa Tanto is one of the most difficult resos to get in Vancouver just now. If you’re going to try a walkin, especially with four, I’d either go at opening or really late, especially on a Saturday. We went in March on a Tuesday and it was slammed. I liked the food but it was so loud in there we could barely hold a conversation, and we lucked out with a two-top where we could sit side by side. Good luck!

Thanks, greyelf. You’re always the trusted advisor for YVR and I appreciate that. Many thanks to robert and ipse too for their informative postings.

Turned out our reser for four exploded to eight and Hawksworth kindly accommodated which was also no small feat for a Saturday night. Solid meal and exceptional service.

Also ate at Kirin DT (food great, service like old times indiffirent Cantonese), Nightingale, Bella Gelateria, Revolver Coffee, Chef Tony, L’Abbatoir, Prohibition. All great, all surprisingly walkable if staying downtown. Loved Pride and the holiday. Great cycle :mountain_biking_woman: past the Sea Wall & Stanley Park with Cycle City Tours.

Love, love :heart: your fair YVR. Will come back for Kissa Tanto when traveling with less than 13 people. Will try to create a full report in the coming weeks.