Kitchen flooring

Does anyone have hardwood or composite wood floors in their kitchen?

What was your experience with them with all the moisture, wear and tear and cooking splatter etc? Did the wood hold up? Alternative suggestions? We are thinking about putting wood floors in our kitchen.

Also does anyone have a flooring reference for Los Angeles?

I’d use bamboo.

I use SPC for the entire house including bathrooms and kitchen. They’re waterproof and essentially indestructible under normal usage.

Dropped my hydroflask full of water last year and there wasn’t even a scratch on my flooring but the bottle was dented.


Wow look at that dent!

I’ve never heard of SPC but it doesn’t seem to off gas or be toxic like other laminate.

Where did you buy it and do you have a good installer?

Feel free to message me!

Are you considering wood b/c you actually want that material or b/c you want the look? And do you mind if the floor looks damaged (or lived in)?

There are lots of wood-look options, although you do end up w/ a grout-line, which, from a design perspective, might bother you. I personally would be more inclined to go w/ a wood-look porcelain or vinyl than w/ actual wood.

Tile/plank vendor or installer?

  • IIRC, Carpet Warehouse in Culver City/Marina del Rey does have some vinyl (and possibly real wood?). They install carpet; not sure if they install the other stuff.

  • Stoneville in North Hollywood is huge and has a good selection of wood-look porcelain. Can’t recall if they have vinyl or wood. Wonderful customer service and everyone there (incl the people who I think might be owners) is so nice and helpful.

  • I haven’t been to the new Bentley Adams store in Santa Monica, but they had the most realistic wood-look porcelain tiles I’ve ever seen (which unfortunately wasn’t rectified, so you get grout lines), and they have real wood, as well. They’re previous location was quite small (but very well curated). Excellent customer service.

  • Porcelanosa has a dizzying array of wood-look porcelain (and, per the website, hardwood and LVT). There’s a West Hollywood location, and they have a 40% sale twice a year (IIRC). Customer service is sh*t, unless you get Emmy (who doesn’t normally work on the retail side).

I can DM you w/ an installer rec for tile.


I hate our tile floors. Hard on the feet, slippery when wet, and nothing that drops ever bounces, it always breaks.

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So the main reason why my wife wants wood is because she’s worried about the chemicals and off gassing in vinyl. It looks like the spc vinyl is less toxic so that might be an option.

I frankly don’t care I want the cheapest, non-toxic maintenance free option. If you know what that or those things are I’m all ears! Sounds like you have a lot of experience let me know!

We are x-ing out tile though because it’s too cold.

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Time to go shopping. Go to a professional flooring shop .Not those box stores . Talk to the sales person.
Agreed i dislike tile. Its slippery and everything dropped on it breaks.
You could go with real tounge and groove floors. Has to be finished. Its nice . Ive seen it in alot of homes .
Bamboo flooring is a terrible choice.
I have Mannington residential water proof vinyl plank that i am going to install in my house. . Around 5 dollars a square foot for materials.
I installed it in my rental . Kitchen and bath . Bullet proof .
Im a contractor in California.


Nah, I only kinda/sorta know about tile b/c we’re remodeling a bathroom (for 2 yrs!!!) and wanted wood-look floor tile. :wink:

Had it not been for the off-gassing concern, I would’ve suggested considering cork.

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we used Coretec vinyl flooring for our kitchen, they’re durable and waterproof

My wife wanted floors that aren’t hard on your feet and waterproof since its the kitchen. So tile, concrete, or any other stone type floor was out of the question.

Here’s a pic of our kitchen floors


Awesome looks like these are non-toxic I will check them out.

Do you have an installer that you would recommend? Feel free to dm me.

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sorry, i don’t have an installer for you. The floors were done with our main contractor when we renovated the house.


When we bought our Marmoleum, it took special skills to do it so the company selling to us had their own ‘guy.’

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Good point. @hungryhungryhippos: the store selling you the flooring material may have an installer rec. The place where we bought our tile did (and he was quite good).


Question: how long have you had the vinyl flooring, and how are they holding up? We are thinking of installing it in our bedrooms, and I’m a bit worried about durability and scratching/denting.

We’ve only had them for a year but so far they’ve been fine and we haven’t had any problems with them.