Kiyokawa: anyone been recently?

ownership changed a year or so ago and it’s now called go by kiyokawa. despite the “by kiyokawa” in the name it appears that satoshi kiyokawa is no longer the head chef. instead it’s seemingly someone by the name of tomohiro “teddy” yamashita.

i’m guessing the name has just been kept on for recognition reasons and that kiyokawa himself is gone. if that’s true i wonder if he’s going to surface elsewhere in l.a.

Was wondering the exact same thing! This used to be my go-to option for a delicious, but not break-the-bank, omakase…but I am hesitant now that it seems Kiyokawa-san is gone. Would love to hear if anyone has a before and after review.

I saw that sign while driving by the other day and was a bit confused. Thanks for this intel. I would like to check it out some time. I like that last part: chosen from among 500 employees to become the head chef…

OK I’m now dazed AND confused: Munchies just released a video FOUR DAYS AGO with accompanying text implying that Satoshi-san was still the chef there…

Interesting @J_L.

I just decided to call the restaurant directly:

According to the waitress, Kiyokawa-san will sometimes stop by the restaurant, but on “most nights” he is not there.

She also confirmed the restaurant was sold to another sushi chef. And she said Kiyokawa-san’s attendance is random (there is no set night where he’s guaranteed to be there).

Curiouser and curiouser. I would swear that the guy at 00:52 in the video is the new chef, and he seems to be asking how to make dashi…

I hadn’t eaten there in almost a year so I stopped by and ate there a couple of weeks ago.
Because I didn’t see Kiyokawa I just ordered sushi and while the fish was excellent, the overall meal was not very interesting, yet very expensive for what I ordered ($160.00 for sushi for one person).
The chef (now I know is the new owner) didn’t seem that knowledgeable. My impression was that he was someone from the kitchen who was trying to cover for the owner.
I found that experience at Kiyokawa unusual, so I did a google search to see if he sold the restaurant.
And that led me to this forum.
To answer everyone’s question: It’s not the same, not even close in terms of inspired cooking being served in the manner Kiyokawa did it (or any excellent chef would do it).
Yes, the fish is high quality, but to pay that much money for someone to simply slice it and put it on rice without any sort embellishment to excite the taste, isn’t worth it.
Perhaps that will change.

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Thanks for the report. Now cursing myself for not having gone there b/f the changeover…

Thanks for the confirmation–though it is very disappointing to hear. I hope Satoshi Kiyokawa will reappear somewhere. It’s too bad his name is still attached to an operation that doesn’t do justice to it.

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That’s kind of annoying. Thanks for the intel though.

Anyone been recently? Drive-by last week reveals an apparently good(?) deal on sushi…

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You first.