Knife Collection - Anyone?

For those of you who likes to cook, I’m sure there’s no better feeling than to dance through your ingredients with your sharp knife!

So what’s your weapon of choice? Favorite knife profile? German? Japanese? Preferred steel? Gyuto or santoku, or perhaps something else? Preferred length? 210mm? 240mm?

How often do you sharpen your knife? What method do you use in Sharpening your knife? Whetstone? Other means?

Tell us about your cutting board as well? Edge-grain? End-grain? Material? Is it bamboo? Walnut? Maple?

Let us know!

Here’s mine. 2 Japanese gyutos. One is 210mm with VG10 steel and the other one is 240mm with SRS15 steel. The short one is a paring knife. I also have a short 110mm Mac gyuto that’s not in the picture.

I sharpen my babies about once a month until shaving sharp and able to cut thin slices of tomato without holding the tomato down.

Since I don’t trust myself in using a whetstone, I use something called Spyderco Sharpmaker to sharpen my knives. It takes a lot long than using whetstones but works well for noobs like me!

Using a 2 inch thich end-grain chopping block made out of maple. Here I was testing out my knife with some fine tomato brunoise, julienne apple, and supremed some oranges.

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