Knuckle & Claw Surprise Second Shop in Santa Monica

(I posted this to the weekend thread, but it’s been suggested to me to start new threads to help repopulate the single topic/restaurant threads on this boards that we used to have on Chowhound.)

Knuckle & Claw drops surprise second location in Santa Monica. Eater LA: Knuckle & Claw Drops Surprise Second Lobster Roll Shack in Santa Monica Today - Eater LA

I stopped in, great lobster roll. Pricey at $20 but top notch if you’re craving them:

Former French Garden Cafe spot on Main Street.

Edit: Gratuitous shot of K&C food from two weekends ago at the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs national conference kickoff party on Sunday, April 17th:


Nice pics @theoffalo.

How did you like it compared to your other favs around town?

Thanks! I don’t really have other fave lobster rolls in town. Heh. I generally don’t order them, because they are expensive and I grew up in New England eating fresh and relatively cheap lobster. I have tried both the Cousins truck and the Lobsta truck–prefer the former greatly because it’s a little less expensive and bigger portions too, and I think it’s better even without the PQR factor.

Just down the street from this new K&C is the Anchor and they do a lobster roll with shaved truffles on top. I’m somewhat of a purist for lobster rolls, but I wouldn’t mind trying it once.

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Hi @theoffalo,

Cool. If you get a chance give Connie & Ted’s a try. Chef Michael Cimarusti also pays homage to his New England background with that joint, and I think their Lobster Roll is worth a try (I like it more than Knuckle & Claw). :slight_smile: But K&C’s version is pretty solid. I liked it more than BP Oysterette’s version.

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Connie & Ted’s is on my list of places to try. I hear they have good steamers, which are hard to find on the West Coast. Littlefork (r.i.p.) did the only decent version I’ve had out here, but I’m betting Connie & Ted’s will be better.

they also have good fried clams with BELLIES that you never see on the west coast.


Really? I only had Cousin’s once and thought that Lobsta Truck had a better product (I’ve had the latter multiple times). $20 for a lobster roll in SaMo doesn’t seem to bad to me (I think the one at SaMo Seafood is at least that much, IIRC), so I’m glad to have another place to try. :slight_smile:

Connie and Teds is the only place in LA which does New England Seafood which I really liked. Most other places from Menemsha to Catch and Release I’ve been disappointed with. The exception was the Fried Clams at the short lived Lawton’s in Long Beach.

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You guys are talkin’ my language. I vaguely remember a spot in L.A. called Menemsha. I would have gone for nostalgic sake. @Mattapoisett_in_LA must be right. Because, it slipped off the map fast.

We ate these morsels a few years ago at the wharf in the town of Menemsha - on tables made from old cable spools - caught that morning.

…Probably from this boat.

Do yourself a favor world travelers… Go to Martha’s Vineyard before you leave this planet.


@paranoidgarliclover - I liked Lobsta’ Truck too.


Me too!