Kogi To Open Brick and Mortar in Palms

LA Eater says it should open in just a few weeks…
Kogi Taqueria
3500 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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Will the Kogi brick and mortar offer something novel, food-wise? 'Cuz most (if not all) of us have done the trucks.

A smart move nonetheless, business-wise - It’ll be constantly mobbed by out-of-town visitors who don’t want to chase down the trucks.

They vacated their LAX Terminal 4 spot a few months ago.

The LAX location was always planed as rotating resturants…

Good to know.

It’s Border Grill now.

It’s an interesting choice of location, since Alibi Room is very close by with the Kogi food. I wonder if they are ending that?

IMHO it’s far enough away to be considered another part of the Westside - it’s about 10-15 minutes drive time. Also, Alibi is a bar, so this restricts the customer base to 21+. And many people don’t care for bars/don’t consider bars as places to eat as well.

The neighborhood surrounding the B&M is thick with tons of apts occupied by younger adults. Extra points if they serve beer/wine.

You’re right, as I think about it. I live in Culver City (downtown) and this moves it substantially closer to me than going to Alibi Room. The other annoying thing about Alibi is they don’t take phone orders, so you have to somehow find parking, then go into the bar to order–it’s a whole ordeal. What I wonder is if this is the beginning of Choi going nationwide/franchised with Kogi. There’s so much money in it for him, it’s hard to believe he doesn’t want Kogi taquerias all over the place.

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I think that’s a really good point. Kogi is totally a replicable fast-casual concept a la Halal Guys or Tacos El Gavilan. It should be a hit if it starts opening across the city.

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Ah, so one eatery that I have no interest in visiting has been replaced by another… that I also have no interest in eating. ::shudder:: I can see why out-of-towners might find them both… interesting, though.

Back in the day it was just Burger King and Starbucks. Terminal 4 dining options have improved significantly.

I thought Kogi @ LAX was pretty horrible. The cooking area was a complete mess and reflected in the finished product. Hope border grill is a better managed operation.

I don’t doubt it. I just have a general aversion to Roy Choi (but admittedly have not tried POT) and am “meh” about Border Grill.

I’m the opposite. Meh on Kogi (beats the coach meal if you’re flying international) and have an aversion to Border Grill.


I fly Cathay Pacific just for their economy class congee.

They bring economy class congee up to first?

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(The scene: At the Cathay Pacific economy check-in counter, LAX…)

FTC flyer: “Thank you very kindly for your generous free offer to bump me up to First Class, but I think I’ll keep my Economy seats for this flight.”

Airline attendant (as he picks his jaw up from the ground): “May I ask why, sir?”

FTC flyer: “Why, the delicious economy class congee, of course!”