Koi Palace - Dublin

steamed black bean pork ribs, subtle and very good

I thought these would be rice rolls. OK tasty but wouldn’t order again.

mouth-watering chiicken, excellent balanced ma la

pork dumpling in chile-peanut sauce, very good

duck burrito, lots of crunchy veg, very satisfying

pork & crab roe XLB, pretty good

They eere out of crisp pork belly. :frowning:

I like the Sichuan options. Would be a regular if it weren’t in such an inconvenient location.


The ribs look really good and duck burrito? Wow! But yeah, Dublin?

Dublin’s Asian population has grown exponentially in recent years.That mall is as dominated by Chinese restaurants as some of the ones in Milpitas.

Those are worth ordering just for the picture. Why animate a food item if you are going to make him look so sad.

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Dublin’s food scene is growing by leaps and bounds. We like Go Goong Korean, as well as Khyber Pass Afghani and Pamir Afghani. Pamir is underneath Koi, in the same mall - excellent aush soup and mantu dumplings.

Newest news is another Asian mall. I posted it separately.