Komaaj - Northern Iranian - SF Mission

First visit to San Francisco since pre-pandemic times. Met up with friends at Komaaj, a Northern Iranian restaurant (I saw @rlw posted a report previously and @robert shared media coverage of the place). We sat on the small outdoor patio. If you get cold easily like me, it’s probably better to sit inside (there were heat lamps and they seemed to be at the highest setting but I was still cold in the wind).

We shared the Naz Khatoun Dip (eggplant, walnuts, herbs, and pomegranate juice and vinegar with sangak: flat bread). A tasty starter.

I had the smoked salmon belly for my main. The photo on the website shows rice, the description did not include rice, and when I asked the server he said no, rice was not included. Yet my plate arrived with rice :woman_shrugging: When our plates arrived the two of us who ordered the smoked salmon belly were warned of its saltiness. I love salty foods and I thought it paired well with the cool yogurt sauce. The other person who ordered it thought it was too salty (and is lactose intolerant so couldn’t cut the salinity with yogurt). Our plates also came with herbs, pickled radishes and carrots, and sangak. The portion was quite generous for the cost of $14.50.

My other two friends ordered the pomegranate walnut stew with chicken and they loved it. I tried the stew and the depth and complexity of flavors really made it a crave worthy dish.

My friend brought chocolates for dessert and they didn’t mind the outside treats and allowed us to linger, even bringing more napkins and refilling our waters.

All in all an affordable, casual spot that satisfied our bellies.


Glad you liked that! I remember the chicken stew I had being pretty wonderful–especially during colder winter months.

I’m not sure if they’re still doing it now that things have started to reopen, but they also were selling some Persian pantry items that were pretty fantastic as well.

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