Kome Buffet--Downhill Alert

Since I said glowing things about Kome Buffet on Gale in Industry when they opened up last year, I figure I better do this follow up. Something has gone very wrong there. Selection is way down, the place is half-empty, and they cut the weekend price and got rid of the better stuff. Sounds like they’re on life support.

@chandavkl, I think pound-for-pound you are the most prolific Asian buffet eater. Period.


You should meet my daughter, Supertina. She’s 7 inches shorter than me but can eat just as much and she’s thin like me, too.

The proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree, I see. Kudos to you and Mrs. Chandavkl.

Does she also have an Excel Spreadsheet? Or is that part of the Living Trust?

I suppose for her generation, it would be Google Sheets, and not an Excel file.

No spreadsheets. But she’s a millennial so she has pictures of everything she’s ever eaten.

Pictures has nothing on tabulated form for big data analysis, yet.

i know this isn’t the place to ask, but may i ask if you’ve been to the new town super buffet in burbank, on
san fernando?
i must have driven by that place a million time and just…wondered.

New Town in Burbank is average. Went there once years ago but never returned. Perhaps I was expecting more because they once had a location in Rowland Heights which was pretty good.