Korakia Pensione Palm Springs

Planning to check out Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs in early November. Has anyone been? Any dinner suggestions? I know they dont have a restaurant. Have not stayed in PS proper in a long time. Thanks.

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Looks very nice. We are staying at the Ace Swim Club and also haven’t been to Palm Springs in years. A lot of these places are on our list from previous research.

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We loved the Ace Swim Club.

Been wanting to checkout Korakia Pensione for years but they don’t have TVs and homie gave that a hard pass.

I :hearts: PS but always found it to be a little lacking in the dinner restaurant dept. We like Cheeky’s (on the grounds of the Alcazar Hotel) for breakfast (get there bacon flight) and their companion restaurant Birba has a very nice outdoor setting but the food was problematic last time.

Have fun! We’re planning to go soon. Please report back!

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Funny. I kind of feel the same way. But we go with the kids and usually swim all day in the hot sun so we’re wiped out at night. It seems like there are some better choices but covid is throwing us some curveballs. The county PS is in also went from red to purple which is not good.

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Mr. Lyons was pretty good when we went a couple years back. The Rooster and the Pig also good, but way more casual.

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Thanks @helen_s. Both of those are on our list. We’re there for 3 nights and also have Birba, Roly Chinese Fusion and Tac/Quila on the dinner list. I think Rooster & Pig are opening back up this week.


Is that the lodge that has a sister property, Joachim, in Laguna Beach? The resto Saline at joachim used to be phenomenal. Maybe they have a place there at the resort?
I like sandfish, great drinks and sushi. Beautifully crafted dishes.
Ruben and Ozzys, good solid food, well priced. Had outdoor before covid.
Farm downtown brunch is great. lovely garden seating. Good croque madame.
Sparrows Lodge for a drink
Rooster and Pig is ok. Some stuff is spot on others not so much. Depends on if you’re looking for straight Viet food or theirs.
I still like Shermans
Finally, my dad swears that the blue coyote grills shrimp dishes are the best he has had…well traveled 70+ guy.
Lastly koutouki, If you like greek alcohol, ouzo, retsina, etc., and good food. always had outdoor seating.

on my list:
lord fletcher (ha)
grand central
cheese shop at top of PS, on the mark
have fun! Palm Springs museum of Art is great and reciprocal, if you already have a membership elsewhere. Desert Museum is fun too. Def take a hike.


Too late to be of help but wanted to add some info on Korakia. I much prefer the old moroccan side to the newer mediterranean side. They also do room service from Le Vallauris.

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Also late to the thread, but for future:

I’m in Palm Springs every month or so, and always stay at Sparrows. Having stayed at almost every hotel, that’s my favorite. The food at Sparrows is incredible, but during Covid, only guests are allowed on the property - and it’s the kind of property you never want to leave. In normal times, both Sparrows and their sister hotel, Holiday House, have a family dinner night - Fried Chicken night (unbelievably good), Roast Chicken night, and Steak night. When things go back to normal, be sure to book one or all of these, it’s memorable (different night at different hotel - Weds, Fri, Sat).

Rooster and the Pig is a favorite (but it’s been closed), Miro’s is where I always have dinner one night (their garlic cole slaw is like nothing I’ve had anywhere), and Mr. Lyon’s is a great steakhouse. Cheeky’s is where I stop when I get to town, since they’re only open until 2pm.


Great intel @yogachik!!!

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Making my way for a stay out in this neck of the woods soon. There are great recs in the 3 PS threads I’ve read.

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Going back to Palm Desert in a few weeks which unfortunately does not have as many great options at Palm Springs. Loved Rooster and the Pig. Make sure to snag a reservation.

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Same. We end up in Palm Springs for food whenever we stay in Palm Desert. But will be in PS proper this time.
Looking for good takeout ideas, too. @Helper_Monkey had some sandwich shop ideas which would be great as we laze around our rental’s pool with friends.
Townie Bagels is definitely on the list. I tried them out in August and they truly are the best bagels I’ve had outside of NYC and I also loved their smoked salmon cream cheese.

Had a great bagel from Townie Bagels the last time we were in town. We like Koffi for coffee. Sherman’s Deli is a good Jewish deli and way better than anything we have near us. I think there is one in the Palm Desert Rancho Mirage area.

There is always a Laepperts nearby.

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Does anybody know of a good Italian place in the Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage area? We are going in 2 weeks for my little girl’s birthday. She specifically requested good pasta. If you have read any of my posts my daughter wants to have like Republique, Mozza level type of pasta. Don’t @ me. I know we are probably not getting that but something of that ilk. Right now I have a reservation at Birba but thats 15 mins away and was hoping for something closer.

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Sparrow’s Lodge and Holiday House have ceased communal dinners as a result of COVID. I called earlier to inquire.

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Has anyone been to Korakia yet? :grin: