Korean Curry?

A Korean cooking blog I follow (www.maangchi.com) had a recipe for Korean curry which seems similar to Japanese curry. I’m tracking down the Korean curry powder, but I’d also like to try eating it in a Korean restaurant so I can get a feel for what it’s supposed to taste like. Any good candidates in the Bay Area? Where doesn’t matter so much, since taking a food field trip is always fun. Thanks!

I don’t recall seeing curry on the menu of any of the Korean places I’ve been to, and none of my five Korean cookbooks has a recipe for it, either.

I suspect it’s a follow-the-recipe-on-the-bag kind of thing, like Knorr French onion dip.

This is the recipe I’m looking at: Korean-style curry rice (Kare rice) recipe by Maangchi
Anyone know where I can try it?

That recipe says she used to make it when she and her friends went camping, which supports my theory.

Stone Korean Kitchen has curry rice on the menu, as do some of the Korean food trucks.