Korean menu questions

I know the first one (“double skin”), but what are the others? The server didn’t know, said no one ever orders them.


The 2nd and 3rd ones are seafood dishes but I’m having a hard time remembering the English translation. Asked around and elders couldn’t translate either.

The last one is an abalone stew.

Also this.

I will try to add the phonetic translation if you want to order in Korean and what the dish is in English to the best of my knowledge.

  1. Palboche - 8 kinds of mixed seafood
  2. Youssansul - 3 types of seafood usually with sea cucumber
  3. Haessamtang - abalone stew
  4. Nanjawonsu - no idea
  5. Haepallineangche - cold jellyfish
  6. Yangjaepi - flat jellyfish with eggs, mustard, seafood and vegetables
  7. Guljjampong - oyster spicy seafood noodle soup - jjam pong
  8. Meawonjjampong - spicy seafood noodle soup
  9. Haemulgangjjajang - seafood dry jja jiang mein
  10. Meawonjjajang - spicy dry jja jiang mein
  11. Bookumbap - fried rice
  12. Jjamtangbap - some type of rice (bap = rice)

Thanks. Abalone seems kind of incongruous for that place.

Not a menu, but a cookbook: isn’t chonggak a radish?

Yes it’s a radish that is generally made into kim chee in late fall early winter when the radish is in season. We finished our last batch a few weeks ago when we made it into jigae.

Yeah, good stuff. Do you ferment the greens with the radish?

Yes. Those are my favorite pieces.

Any thoughts on what seaweed they might have meant in that kimchi recipe? I presume they didn’t mean two ounces of radish (especially when there’s already a pound of julienned daikon).

Is that the whole recipe and is this for kim chee? I can ask my mom but I don’t recall any type of seaweed ever added to kim chee.

That’s only the last few ingredients, most are on the previous page. Five pounds of nappa, a cup of gochugaru, salted shrimp, onions, etc.


In the fourth segment (starting at 21:30) of episode 7 of Netflix’s “The Hot Life” there’s a dish the subtitles call “Goryeo Fire Pan.” Ingredients include pork belly, kimchi, soondae, tofu, bean sprouts, and daylillies.

What’s the Korean name for that? Could it be a variation of samgyupsal sukju bokkeum?

Korean Chinese-style meatballs?

3 years later… :sweat_smile: it’s a type of seaweed called codium. The phonetic conversion to English makes it easy to confuse with the ponytail radish though they’re pronounced differently in Korean (it might be more accurately represented as cheong gak/chung gak). Can’t say I’ve ever seen it here in the states.

More info, except where to source it, halfway down the page: Diverse delicious seaweeds of Korea’s seas – ♣️Sesame Sprinkles♣️


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