Korean Spicy squid or octopus with noodles, where to get?

On the FB group someone posted about having the spicy octopus with a side of noodles at OB Bear. I too like that dish there. I’m curious as to where else to get this dish.

the spicy squid and octopus at that new spot on sawtelle next to hurry curry, blanking on name, something kitchen maybe, is tasty. comes with rice but they also serve noodles…maybe worth a shot if you find yourself west of ktown.

pretty sure you can get nakji bokkeum at ham ji park, though i’d rather go there for their ribs and the gamjatang,

Thanks! I’m a westsider and am around Sawtelle a lot.

Or I’ll just get all three. LOL!

Jun Won

jun won - all their fish/seafood dishes are top notch - i just don’t remember seeing it on the menu