Koreatown - 2019 to

It seems that it’s time to have a more recent thread for our KTown discoveries.

We have so many places and we’ve found so many favorites and places now in regular rotation but I force us to continue to try ones we haven’t been to yet and today was a superb experience at Yuk Dae Jang.

It’s a plaza with easy parking close to Virgil on 6th. Staff is cordial and nice. The atmosphere is basic and more modern than most. Public at least today was all Korean and the ladies were dressed to impress, as if they were headed to a gala or a symphony after.

Mandu is fantastic here. Great light filling, supple, elastic and silky dough, hold up very very well.

buddy wanted to try Naeng myun and this one is superb. I’ll be going back for it. I like how they present it here

outstanding purple rice accompanying the Jang

But to go here for their seafood noodle which is simmering on a burner at your table…or this is the namesake dish, Yuk Dae Jang which is the best I’ve had anywhere. Deep beefy broth. Great chili level. Beef not overcooked. Just wonderful

Setting the base lovely for the booze pounding that Friday nights tend to lead to

Please add your new, obscure or fresh hype Korean spots.


Gon Ji Am
4653 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004


This place caught my eye GamBoJok…Gamjatang, Bossam, and Jokbal specialist.

Gon Ji Am is great, a little under the radar since no English on the sign and far from the trendy 6th St/Alexandria area

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I’ve been to GamBoJok, their gamjatang broth is lighter than others but has a decent flavor to it. They specifically mention that their broth tastes different to others. The pork neck meat though wasn’t great, tasted a bit off.

Got a free jokbal plate as part of an opening promotion, thought it was standard, nothing to write home about compared to other options.

Bon Ga Ginseng Soup’s Dak dakdoritang was awesome, but looks like the place closed recently.


Random: does anyone know of a place in Koreatown or elsewhere in LA that serves street food on the sidewalk, including ddukbokki? I saw one in this music video, and I think it must be in LA because of the LA Phil banner in the background. Can’t figure out where it would be though!



If you want to watch the video for yourself, it’s around the 2 minute mark. YEAR OF THE OX - WORD TO THE HYPHEN - YouTube

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The spot in that video is at Tipsi, but looks like they’re undergoing an ownership change. That place is particularly haunted, as it’s changed concepts numerous times in the past few years. I liked the chicken wings there, but didn’t have the chance to try any of the items in the outside stall because it opened at 7:00 pm or later and I was never there at that time.

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Thank you so much! Will have to swing by in the evening to see if it’s there.

After inquiring with my Korean food consultant (Korean coworker who is really knowledgable and also cooks a lot) on what is her favorite Soondubu in Los Angeles we ended up back at Seong Buk Dong and it was just right. Not a thing I could complain about.

This was the seafood version but she’s telling me now that their beef is best in class and to try that

Great bulgogi also for Nemroz 2.0


Confirmation of Seong Buk Dong quality last night. Surely the best Haemul Pajeon we’ve ever had. Beef sundubu is great but I still prefer the seafood.

Check out that pot cooking down meaty, roasted beefbones. Sorry grainy, Granny didn’t let me into the kitchen to get up close


Is that a pile of beef bones in that pot?

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Sure looks like it :slight_smile:

oh my god… Yuk Dae Jang is the truth.


Now with video

Juk Dae MFing Jang

Man that looks perfect on a day like today. Aanybody know if all the locations in LA, Gardena and SGV are the same?

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Don’t sleep on the bo ssam here:


Finally got out to KTown Plaza on Western and it’s so nice.

Picked a dumpling house called Pao Jao for some lovely freshly pinched pork and chive dumplings and a hearty, satisfying and fun bowl of black bean noodles.

there’s loads of onion and potato and eggplant and pork in there and it’s all just one good bite after another. good texture on the noodle.

HMart is really good there as well


Genwa is still pretty legit for a work lunch. I consistently enjoy their seafood sundubu. Everyone wanted to bbq so they got a bunch of stuff and it was fine. The snake river wagyu was the best I suppose

I think I’m turning Korean. #cumsummdaaaa


Banchangasm. I’d hate to be the dishwasher there.


I saw this yesterday after my Quarters experience, and was immediately sad because I love the banchan part of KBBQ more than the KBBQ itself, and Quarters small selection didn’t do it for me.

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Y’all made me do this.

Ok yes I do like the spicy shrimp dumplings at pao jao

But I also really like the fried pies similar to northern Chinese ones

I’m the first Armenian Korean in the world