KPaul's post-Paul ? :(


Despite the passing of a beyond exceptional, creative, homegrown chef with a predilection for making rustic innovations legitimate, will Prudhomme’s KPaul Lousiana Kitchen still continue to operate ?

What will be the future of the restuarant ?

Or ?

With his eponymous restaurant still going strong, hopefully we can still somewhat enjoy and partake in the delicious memory of great food that he so modestly and graciously gave us.

Laissez les bon temps roller.

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Clearly it’s too soon to know, but it’s not like Chef Prudhomme was in the kitchen all the time. Depending upon ownership (owned personally by Mr. Prudhomme? by a company/corporation he established?) ], the restaurant could continue – clearly Mr. Galatoire has been gone from this mortal coil for a long time – or, it could just close and go off quietly into the night . . .

It’s all just speculation for now. I’m sure announcement(s) will be forthcoming.

Just bumping this fucking thread as the cool kids say.

wow there really ain’t much traction on this fucking board.

Kevin? There’s nothing really to add re: K-Paul. I’m not sure anyone can say anything that a) isn’t speculation, and b) hasn’t already been said. So, what’s the point?

In terms of posting reviews/comments on other places, well a) all anyone has to do is ask; and b) I won’t be back in NOLA until March, but I’ll certainly be posting comments then . . .