KPCC: HomeState lets indie-rockers make their own breakfast tacos


I saw this on pitchfork earlier today. glad to see Spoon (one of my favorite bands) leading off! i wish i lived walking distance as the parking on that stretch of hollywood has gone from worse to unbearable in the last couple of years.

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they obv. need to come up with a red hot chili pepper breakfast taco.

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I work directly across the street from Home State and had absolutely no idea this was happening. I guess I need to get on their mailing list! I hope this new promotion is not limited to tacos, as I’d love to see a guest version of their migas; HomeState is one of the only places in LA that offers migas. Briana (the owner) is from Austin, so Spoon makes perfect sense as the first band to participate (being from Austin as well). I never really thought about it, but after reading the article it occurred to me that I see semi-famous musicians there regularly. They may be “forgiving” about their breakfast schedule, but they close at 3PM, which is very early by Los Feliz standards. The cold brew coffee there is like rocket fuel.

@Ns1 FLEA (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) is a regular in the neighborhood, so your suggestion is very possible!

@LAgirl The parking in Los Feliz is particularly sparse, but there is a 500 car lot that sits almost empty on the corner just east of the Goodwill which is owned by Children’s Hospital. They already have two other parking lots adjacent to their facility, but they will not free-up the spaces in the Hollywood Blvd. lot. I suggest you write to Children’s Hospital and urge them to make at least a portion of those spaces available for hourly rental.

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Any ZZ Top fans? (inside of Tres Hombres)

BTW, great album!

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Don’t forget their Frito Pie! The best in the city!!! (Recently had the Barrel and Ashes one and MEH!)


Re: Flea

He also has a connection to silverlake conservatory so it just seems so obvious

And loves that sushi bar in Silverlake/historic Filipino town/rampart area.

And that’s no fucking joke.

I’m overdue on a visit too.

You mean Shibucho?

nope. :slight_smile:

it used to be fairly easy to get parking on the side streets around Goodwill, but no more…