Krug Collection as a "multi-vintage" cuvée

For years before it was commercially available in the US, I used to “grey market” Krug Collection from Europe, a late disgorged vintage bottling – think of Bollinger R.D., but much order (current vintage is 1989). Now, Krug is planning to release some of their Grande Cuvée as a significantly older “Collection”-type of wine.

Krug Plans Late Release Grande Cuvée

Krug Grande Cuvée currently spends between 6-7 years maturing on its lees, and then a further 10-12 months resting in Krug’s cellars post-disgorgement, meaning it is released around 8 years after the blend is created.

However, speaking to the drinks business last month, Krug CEO Margareth Henriquez said that since her arrival at the house in 2009, she had started retaining a proportion of the Grande Cuvée for later release, suggesting that she would use the “Collection” label for this multi-vintage blend, a term used by Krug for its vintage Champagnes which are held for an extra 10-15 years on their lees – presently, Krug is selling the Collection 1989.

“I dream one day of a Collection of Krug Grande Cuvée,” said Henriquez.

Continuing she explained, “Collection is a bottle which sleeps with the lees, and then, when it’s in the right phase, we disgorge it one year and a half before release.” (article continues)