L.A. <-> OC Pit Stop at Renu Nakorn

If I’m anywhere near the confluence of the 5/91/605 freeways I’ll take the opportunity to grab a snack at Norwalk’s Renu Nakorn. We’re not talking about the glory days of Sapin Chutima before the big move but the food is still solid, on par or better than anything you’ll find in East Hollywood or at any of the Isaan restaurants scattered around the valley.

Renu seems to maintain a healthy level of business and delivers on a big menu. You might be pondering your thoughtfully-seasoned dish of Koi Soi (spicy raw beef salad) while next to you some guy from the auto shop down the street is loving the hell out of his shrimp fried rice lunch special. And it looks really good, too.

Is it a “Vaut le voyage” situation? Probably a little too far to justify a special trip but if you’re in that part of the state or if you’re wondering if they’ve still got it - go.

p.s. If you ask for “spicy” and you’re ordering off the Northern menu, the food will come spicy.

‘Northern Style’ Tom Ka Kai - No Coconut milk, with roasted medium-spicy green chiles.

Kang Hoh Dry Curry Noodles with assorted vegetables

Nam Tok Spicy Beef salad

Nam Prik Noom Green Chile Dip with cold vegetables and pork rinds