L.A. restaurants hit with looting, vandalism during George Floyd protests

One of the victims of vandalism, an FTC favorite. Terrible news!


still terrible but that’s kung fu tea next door, not iki ramen.

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Thanks for the clarification! Glad they are ok, and hope they will be.

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From LA Times: Santa Monica restaurants clean up day after unrest, face 1 p.m. curfew

  • Elephante got hit by graffiti
  • Heroic Deli got its glass shattered but opened today
  • Sake House is burned out
  • Sunnin got looted and they’re moving their stuff to Westwood and may close SaMo location for good
  • Sweetfin got badly looted
  • Sweetgreen on 4th (not the Montana location) got its door broken
  • Michael’s got its window broken but seems generally ok
  • King’s Head got its window smashed and trash strewn around the entrance
  • Water Grill was looted
  • Bay Cities is fine (yay!)

Worried about Westwood today. Keeping our fingers crossed.


Studio City is boarding up.

LA county curfew deadline now extended to start at 5 pm

my Kato order for the week just got cancelled due to curfew. I’m glad I stocked up on food yesterday…

Protestors apparently made their way onto the 405 (!). Truly surreal. Wishing safety for… EVERYONE.


That’s not a regular occurrence in LA? Part of Oakland’s generic protest-riot package is blocking the stretch of freeway closest to downtown.


No its pretty much suicide to block a freeway in normal LA traffic.


…the land of the free…

Stay safe everyone, not sure if I will open on Wednesday depending on how things look, even if Chinatown has only had minor damages I wonder if customers would even show up if we opened and I’d rather my staff feel safer. What a wild couple months it been for us.


You see people doing the 10 or 110 from time to time, but the 405 is far rarer.

There’s all kinds of shit going down in the alley behind Pizza Wagon tonight. 8 police cruisers in front of me turned into that ally and parked. Lights going.

Big police presence. Some douche bags tried to throw Molotov cocktails into the Sportsmans Lodge last night. But nothing like the crowds like I saw in Santa Monica or the surrounding areas. It’s actually fairly quiet.

Pita Kitchen looked like they were still open at 9pm.

On a side-note, I drove up Wilshire Boulevard at about 9 PM yesterday and witnessed some of these looters trying to break into the Big 5, CVS, BevMo, they were looting Armstrong nursery. BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, 3 to 4 20-somethings in each vehicle cruising and scouting and then vandalizing and breaking in.

I flipped some off, yelled F bombs, got close enough to a few to tell them to F off to their faces, as I tried to get photos of license plates. Photos didn’t come out.

Voice to text… excuse typos


Thanks but stay safe. This is truly a disgusting time. What the hell are they going to get from Armstrong? Flower pots? Seedlings? Maybe some annuals? People have lost their minds. There were helicopters and sirens at the Vallarta Market 1/2 mile from us tonight. What the hell does Vallarta have to do with George Floyd?


Not much. Criminals using the protests as cover

Those fancy cars were probably all stolen from a dealership. Plates wouldn’t have helped much most likly. These are pros


Fertilizer. Explosives and drugs, though likely the latter.

My car has dents. If I gained a few more taking defensive action from any of them getting overly aggressive with me so be it.

Doggy was in my backseat, and just slept through it all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!