L.A. restaurants hit with looting, vandalism during George Floyd protests

I hate people sometimes


Luckily, their property insurance will most likely cover their losses including loss of income which probably exceeds what restaurants are making doing takeouts.


I’m seeing reports of the mozzaplex being looted.

Wouldn’t be surprised. There was video of Melrose Mac, right next door, being looted.

That was a brutal day in our neighborhood which started so beautifully. Me and my kid were out there and until cops showed up in riot gear people just marched, cheered and chatted. They the focus shifted as the skirmish lines formed :frowning: The opportunists are really upsetting. Let’s remember every race participated


"Cutler said a third of the restaurant’s takeout sales during quarantine have come on Saturday, so closing for the night was “not an easy decision to make.'”

That would explain why my early Saturday evening Postmates order to Ronan didn’t go through. I hadn’t realized they had closed the restaurant, and Postmates was still showing them online and allowed you to put items in your cart, but not to check out. I should have realized that given how close to Fairfax they were, they would have had to close.

As to, “oh well, their business interruption insurance will cover them,” hopefully all the policies – if owners can still afford the premiums – don’t have civil unrest exclusions on top of virus exclusions.

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@Nemroz glad you were able to get out and protest but stay safe out there! From all reports the area/neighborhood has been devastated and this is so saddening but hopefully as a community we can come out of this stronger and mobilize to move forward with positive changes in our society.


This may sound petty and/or mean-spirited, considering what is going on in our amazing city, as well as the unconscionable injustices in our society.

I have nothing but admiration for the great risks many journalists take to cover the news. But, I can’t help but feeling a little bit of ironic pleasure that Eater LA doesn’t publish their pieces on weekends. As much as I love, love, love what Matt, Fairley et al do, in covering the food and beverage scene, I cringe when they get involved with hard news.


The riot, civil commotion, or mob action exclusion is rarely used on a standard property policy but standalone vandalism exclusion might be a bit more common depending on how prevalent crime is in the insured’s area and their loss history.

Assuming the businesses carried business income coverage and once triggered, their rent should be covered at the very least during period of indemnity so that’s the silver lining. Seeing how most business can’t even generate enough sales to cover rent because of COVID-19, this looting might actually indirectly help them through this hard time.


I read your comment just after seeing this article on Eater. Go figure. I thought you were poking fun at the article but it was posted 15 minutes ago. Seems like you predicted the future :laughing:

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There is a big march down what looks like Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica. Be careful out there. Mayor Garcetti just announced a 8pm curfew for the entire city.


A peaceful protest requires parade permits, trained monitors with armbands, and an ending time well before dusk. Otherwise the pseudo-anarchists, Stalinsts, antifas, and the like will eventually take over and start a riot. Don’t blame the police for those assholes, they were planning to do that when they packed hammers before leaving home (which might be an hour away). The pandemic gives them more cover than usual since they’re not the only ones wearing masks.

Travon Walton, a 25-year-old student from Long Beach, arrived in the Fairfax area in the afternoon to join the protests. He said he saw many non-black protesters inciting the police from up close and worried that the black community would be blamed. “All the white people are in the front,” he said. “We’re going to be the ones that get the backlash.”


Yes! Thank you. We were there too. Great vibes until. I’m going to do a report of the day for the board but also to remember. As soon as I stop yelling at the TV!




I have some bad, potentially 70 year old news for the Stalinists!

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Looks like Sake House in Santa Monica got burned out today. Not exactly Shunji, but it was a nice spot to sake bomb back in the day.

I don’t live in Los Angeles . I know about Nancy Silverton and all the help she has done to help the community with this virus . And for blatant idiots to damage her business. Just makes me sick to my stomach.


The RCP-USA’s LA branch disbanded? In Oakland, they’re among the usual suspects at demonstrations that turn into riots.