L.A. Trip(s): Restaurant Itinerary & Recs for Pescatarian/Vegetarian

Returning to L.A. for the first time since cutting out meat (not including seafood) a couple months ago. On my itinerary are Gjusta, Otafuku, and Holbox. Of the three, I’ve only eaten at Gjusta.

I’m mostly looking for affordably priced (preferably under $25 before tax and tip), new-to-me recs that are close enough to Westchester/Ladera, from the Westside to South Bay. I love Coni’ Seafood in Inglewood and Simply Wholesome on Slauson, but I’ll return another time. I’m not particular about broths/seasonings that have animal ingredients (and I might end up blowing it all with a cemita poblana de milanesa :grimacing:) but pescatarian friendly recs are appreciated. I’ll be down for a longer trip in August, so I’ll keep in mind any places I don’t get around to visiting this trip. Thanks in advance!

Majordomo. Nightshade. Jun Won. Sort of ironically, Chi Spacca.

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How about Inaba? You can get vegetable tempuras. Make sure you make a rez for the tempura bar.

Sushi Tsujita on Sawtelle does a very good chirashi.

Pasta Sisters in Culver City.


No way those places are 25pp

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Or maybe make an exception for location and get the Khao Soi without chicken at LA FTC’s latest food darling, Northern Thai Food Club

Sure they can be, if you’re not a fat omnivorous pig like me. And Jun Won has mostly under $25.

Jame enoteca
Night + market sahm

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Crush a donut at Sidecar before you leave!

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The tempura from my Inaba visit last year was less than stellar, but I did not sit at the tempura bar nor order piece by piece. I’d like to return, but I’m not in a rush to do so given so many places I’ve yet to visit.

Pasta sisters has been on my “to try” list for quite sometime! Thanks for the reminder. And I love a good chirashi :yum:

Majordomo sounds incredible from the FTC reviews, but I’ll have to reserve a visit for a special occasion.

I had bookmarked Jun Won awhile back. Thanks for the reminder! Looks like a great option.

Eating at Majordomo doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you order the vegetarian dishes.

Second on Night+Market.

Some medium-priced suggestions:

Botanica: California. Healthy, delicious, and very LA.
Rosaline: Peruvian. Yum.
Kinjiro: Japanese. Lots and lots of good seafood and veggies to choose from; interesting preparations
Officine Brera: Italian. Always a great seafood selection; always superb vegetarian risotto and gnocchi dishes.
Mi Lindo Nayarit Mariscos. Closer than Coni Seafood and more fun. Still surprisingly good Mexican seafood.

I find Majordomo disappointing. I don’t think Night+Market is particularly pescatarian/vegetarian friendly.


Atwater bang^4

Ricky’s → Dune → Proof → Wanderlust


If you go to night market they have a really good happy hour from 430-7, most apps on the menu are marked down to 7 bucks and they have discounted drinks


not westside, but pooridge and puffs is very vegetarian friendly


Some excellent suggestions. Thanks all!

@hppzz Pooridge and Puffs looks fantastic, and not one that was on my radar.

@Barolo Mi Lindo Nayarit does look fun! And the menu at Rosaline divine (though on the higher side of medium priced)

@Ns1 I lived in Atwater for several years before heading north. I miss Proof :sob: I think Dune came in when I still was in town, but never got the chance to try it (yet!).

if you’re going to holbox might as well bang it out at mariscos jalisco and guerrilla tacos. it’s $25pp per bang right?


Chi Spacca under $25?