L.A. trip suggestions and report

I’ll finally be making a short trip to L.A. at the end of August after being away all year. Limited days means I won’t be able to fit in nearly as many places as I’d like to (plus I’m looking forward to home cooking!), but I do plan some meals out, keeping it fairly local.

Karuba’s Yardy Kitchen in Inglewood caught my eye on Yelp, a new Jamaican restaurant. Anyone try it? It’s nearby and I love a good escovitch fish:

Definitely plan to try Little Fatty in Mar Vista as my first meal off the plane. I haven’t been before and am a fairly light eater (one entree, one shared app, and one shared dessert). I’m thinking of getting the signature Sunday gravy, unless there’s another can’t miss entree. Since there’s only one dessert on offer, that choice will be easy!

Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden in Torrance is also on my list for ume shiso soba. I’ve been to Inaba before and enjoyed my meal there, but soba is what I’m craving. Is there another stellar ume shiso dish in the Torrance/Gardena area that I should consider instead of Ichimi Ann?

Meeting a friend in El Segundo for lunch, so I may recommend trying Workshop Enoteca, since the review on here seemed to rate it highly.

Thanks all.


For Little Fatty, I think an order of their “Asian greens” is worthy of inclusion.
I like the Sunday gravy, but I prefer the other noodle dishes, personally.
The dessert with the taro balls is really tasty.
If you enjoy a cocktail now and again, I suggest you dine at the Accomplice side. Full restaurant menu + Full bar.

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I probably would have skipped right over the greens dish…thanks for the suggestion! I always have room for a veggie :blush: I’ll take a look at their other noodle dishes.

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If you’re in El Segundo, you’re not far from Manhattan Beach, which has a few good places with the beachy LA vibe if you’re interested in that. MB Post (gastropub) Little Sister (SE Asian), Fishing With Dynamite (seafood) are all right by one another and right by the beach as well.


Thanks! I’ve been to MB Post just once, and quite liked it (those biscuits!). The key lime pie at Fishing With Dynamite is something I’d love to try (their seafood as well). Unfortunately a Manhattan Beach option won’t work this time around, as the El Segundo lunch is constrained by my friend’s hour lunch break.

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Get the pizza at il romanista or for a more sit down go to Grimaldis


Chubby Rice in El Segundo.

Get the General Tso’s!!!

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Thanks! Il Romanista would be a good option to suggest to my friend. Grimaldi’s might be a little too spendy for our lunch (I should check the price point of Workshop Enoteca as well, my initial thought).

Thanks! Chubby Rice has been on my “to try” list for awhile now. It’s in Hawthorne, but that’s not too far from El Segundo. Again, I’ll have to see what’s doable time-wise given my friend’s lunch hour.

I’d do Workshop for lunch, head up the street to Two Guns for some espresso afterwards, then hit Il Romanista for some slices to go.

PS: Another lunch possibility is Sausal.

PPS: Make sure you try the General Tso’s cauliflower at Little Fatty. Also, I can’t remember if you eat beef, but Red Rock in Torrance is totally worth a try.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Yes, I do eat beef. I’ll take a look at Red Rock.

Hi @chinchi,

Hope you enjoy your return to LA! :slight_smile: For Ume Shiso? No, definitely with this heat wave and for the South Bay, you can’t go wrong with Ichimian’s Ume Shiso Soba (Cold). :slight_smile:

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i have tried karuba’s and really enjoyed it. i had the shrimp curry and a veggie pie. the place is quaint
and the service was friendly. i was impressed and would not hesitate to recommend. BTW- not your typical
jamaican place. it has vegan options as well.

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My friend voted to meet for lunch at chubby rice tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be trying the General Tso’s. Thanks for the suggestion :yum:


I live right by there and love (in addition to the General) their version of mapo tofu usually get it with ground pork (not authentic in the least and no mala, but delicious anyway). Crab rangoon is pretty tasty as well.

Don’t forget to try their house made condiments as well

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Warning, possible downhill report. Went a couple of weeks ago and they no longer have the chinese sausage in the fried rice. The fried rice was underseasoned and didn’t have any other filling.

Their fried items all used to be fried excellently with a light batter and meaty. The squid and chicken I received were nowhere near as good as when I used to visit regularly. Fry job on the greasy side, heavy batter and light on the meat.

It was the first time I’ve been disappointed in a visit since they opened.

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Yikes! I hope it was just an off day in the kitchen. But if ingredients are getting cut from their staple dishes, that’s not a good sign :frowning:

Had a nice meal at Little Fatty tonight. Will post details later.

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Little Fatty…Chubby Rice. The restaurant names reflect how I’m feeling right now :laughing: Food coma aside, I truly enjoyed both meals.

Little Fatty and the Accomplice Bar were quite the scene when we arrived around 8:30 last night. I didn’t expect such a trendy atmosphere, buzzing with activity. I wish I hadn’t just rolled off a delayed flight, booking it straight from the airport to dinner :sweat_smile:

After a twenty minute wait, we were seated on the Little Fatty side. We shared the XO fatty noodles, three cup chicken with a side of white rice, the greens, and dessert. The noodles were addictive. Tender doughy bites with a toasty seared exterior just bursting with shrimp flavor. The three cup chicken with whole roasted garlic cloves was just fine, but not a standout dish to me. The dessert was a wonderful contrast of flavors and textures, and not too sweet. We were democratic and split the 5 sesame balls evenly between us two.

I’d like to come back with a bigger group and try more items. There was also an interesting list of nonalcoholic concoctions. I’ll have to give one a try next time.


Chubby Rice was a perfect spot for a tasty, quick lunch while catching up with my friend. Such welcoming staff and a casual, comfortable open dining space. Turns out my friend is a regular here and has her go-to orders. We split a veggie egg roll, she got the salt & pepper calamari with egg fried rice and soup, and I ordered the General Tso’s chicken with egg fried rice and veggies. A generous lunch plate portion for a fair price. I was more than happy with the fare, though I have no “before” experience to compare to. Lots of flavor and not overly greasy. I loved trying their many house made sauces. The egg foo young is next on my list to try.

Tomorrow’s lunch will be Round Table pizza in Downey. No forthcoming FTC review for that one :grin:


Today’s lunch was at Ichimiann (the Cravens Ave location in Torrance). I had my heart set on the ume shiso soba and it did not disappoint. Tangy and herbal. So refreshing. The chew of their house made soba was wonderful. I enjoyed a simple side of salmon roe over grated radish (ikura oroshi) and shared an order of tempura mochi. While I loved the contrast of chewy and fried textures, the tempura batter was not very crisp. The tempura pepper I snagged off my brother’s plate also lacked a crisp batter. I’d still order the tempura mochi again…I’m a mochi ball fanatic :grin: Nice refreshing iced barley tea on tap. I’m so happy my family tried this restaurant. Friendly staff and relaxing space. Budget friendly prices, but cash only.

Ume shiso (cold)

My mom’s yuzu oroshi (cold)

Tempura mochi

My brother diving into the grilled mackerel. Also pictured, oyako rice (small…just $5!) and assorted tempura.

Bonus: ranch dressing avalanche at Round Table Pizza yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @chinchi,

Yay. Glad you got to revisit Ichimian for the Soba again. :slight_smile: I love the Ume Shiso Soba as well! So refreshing and bright.

I scrolled a bit too fast and saw the last pic and thought, “Wut?! When did Ichimian serve Pizza and Beer?!” :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot, but have you been to Ichimian’s sister restaurant, Inaba? You should give it a try next time: They get Ichimian’s fresh Housemade Soba on a daily basis (it’s nearby) and they have their amazing Tempura Bar (where you get fresh fried Tempura, piece-by-piece) and it is wonderfully light, perfectly crispy and the best! :blush:

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