L&L Chinese (El Cerrito) for Dimsum

It isn’t exciting. It isn’t fantastic. But it is good, clean, and hot. No carts. What? No carts? Exactly. Everything is steamed or fried to order so the food is fresh and hot. You order with a pencil from a paper checklist. Prices are reasonable. I’m sure nothing is organic, nor sustainable, nor did the pig have a name before it died. You can probably get out of there for under 5000mg of sodium. They also have a parking lot which usually has available space. Service is polite and efficient.

I have no idea how the non-dimsum / dinner food is.

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I love that place. They have the best Cantonese crispy noodles with mixed seafood around. It’s so good that I rarely order anything else. But the DOTM at CH was chow fun recently, and I asked them to make the same mixed seafood but over the rice noodles, and it was also great.

Is the dish size “lunch for 1,” or “lunch for 1 with leftovers?”

Lunch for one with several meals’ worth of leftovers. I’m a light eater.

Now that this place has closed, is there anything similar (steamed fresh-to-order dimsum, not from carts) in the area (northside of Berkeley and points north)? The lack of hassle for traffic, parking, getting a table, etc., held a lot of value in a visit there … on the other hand, this is why it probably closed.