La barbera's update

Spoke to La Barbera last night at length. Here is what he is thinking. He wants to bring a wood burning oven on a trailer down to LA and cook off 80 pizzas in a parking lot type venue. Maybe with picnic tables. He would like to do it as a Food Talk Central endorsed event so that both La Barbera and FTC get publicity. The charity tie is out. The pies would be $25-$30 each and reserved in advance by pre-order and payment. The day of the event the 80 lucky winners would pick up their pies which would be cooked there. Right now he is looking at early December if it can get done. Otherwise, it may have to be January. Another issue is he does not have support staff. If there are a few FTC members that would want to learn to make pizza from the man and help out with prep and serving, he would really appreciate it. So depending on how this is received on FTC this may actually come to fruition. I know Weinermobile is on board and am anxious to see what the feedback is like.

PS: I turned him on to FTC and he was blown away by the activity and support for his pizza. He knew CH was basically dead and thought that was the end of getting this done. Nice to hear.


I actually have very little interest in the pizza but much props to you Thor for your work on this…“project”.

Is this guy retired or running a pizza business somewhere far from LA or what?

Thor’s work and his & Weinermobile’s interest has actually sparked interest in me for this previously unknown to me pizza.

He is the son of the original La Barbera. The pizza has not been sold in over 30 years and still has a cult following. Many have encouraged him and the family to bring it back and I was able to meet him through CH just over a year ago. We have been playing with the idea of bringing it back but there are too many obsticals for me. I remain involved because I got started with it and raised folks hopes. Its a pretty amazing story are you familiar with the history? I think it would generate a ton of press for FTC and La Barbera if that is something you want.


Cool. Thanks for the update.

Kind of like a fucking volunteer pizzaoloa ???

that sounds fucking dppe.

I’m in, although not able to volunteer to make pizza. It’s such a super idea and can’t wait for the event.

I would love an opportunity to volunteer. I’m not familiar with La Barbera’s, but I’ve spent a good amount of time making/developing my own pizzas.

let me know when and where.

Some of my home creations:


I would love to help cook but my worry about an outdoor event is the weather…It’s gonna be a very very wet winter.

When and where? My place anytime!


really you are volunteering your pad JJ ???

seriously ???

This makes me so happy!!!

My simply wonderful frozen sausage La Barbera’s Pie from July. I can’t even image one fresh and cooked in a pizza oven!!!

im taking Novelli up on his offer! no disrespect to la barbara and i appreciate the enthusiasm and sure it’s delish but novelli’s handiwork looks even more terrific!

Shit. Can I come over to if Novelli is cooking up some fucking pies ???

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sure…but maybe we both need to invite ourselves over to “Novelli’s”

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wow, I missed viewing the photos of novelli’s pictures of the pizzas.





that’s some dope fucking shit.

i’m fucking down.

I can bring the red wine, or a bottle of …

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Looks great!

My partner (who doesn’t work in the food industry in any way, shape, or form) has tried to make a few pizzas in the past and would be interested in learning and volunteering (schedule permitting). :smile:


PM sent.