LA Beer and Ciderfest

Well, mostly a ciderfest. This is somewhat of a new category of drinking for me (tho I learned it’s a booming area) and I hit up the event at Raleigh Studios in the sweltering heat last weekend. The only comfortable dudes were those in kilts, and let me say there were more than a few…anyways on to the drinks…

Probably about 30 kinds of Cider, some “reserve,” some sour, some fizzy, some sweet, some flavored with everything from charcoal to hops to apricot and passionfruit. Yes I got pretty lit up. But in the end this isn’t a category of drinks that does much for me. The best of the lot IMHO was the Worleys Sommerset Cider made in England with their own apples etc. There was also a reserve version of this. Had a peel flavor and a funk and slightly sweet, but drinkable. The other good one for me was Reverend Nat’s from PDX. I’m not sure I would ever buy these in a bar or store tho. Thankfully beer was in the house including from Noble beer works in Anaheim which i do enjoy much more. There was abundant mead too – I guess the Vikings had nothing else to drink cuz this sweetish vinegar crap did zero for me. Don’t even get me started on kombucha which tasted like jockstrap tea.

Patrons were given a shot glass essentially and some purveyors were like do you want a full pour? …that was lame. Still shades of century club made for a fun outing with the Wolfpack.

I’m sure i got my $50 bucks or so worth and the lines were no problem - very easy to get as much as you wanted of everything even with the tiny glasses which made (for most ciders) a warm sour taste even worse due to heat contained in the glass and the size which didn’t allow for the fizz. I know I’m being overly critical here but I went because it benefited Hope for Paws, a kickass animal rescue taking hardcore cases of poor messed up street dogs and turning them around, and them in turn helping people out. Great charity.

Anyways, good to try something new and get hammered at the same time and save dogs. My buddy even took home a girl from the party which may have been an added plus or minus for one or both of them.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or attended?