LA Chinese food is just as good as Vancouver's

Chandavkl’s interesting Menuism article on how Los Angeles Chinese food caught up with Vancouver’s. Makes me want to skip my visit to Vancouver and concentrate on LA’s Chinese dining.


This has been true for a while now.

If one were simply to take a cross-section of Chinese food and compare them between the two areas (SGV v. Richmond/Vancouver), SGV would come out ahead. And this has probably been the case probably before the complete and utter influx of hot pot restaurants that appear to multiple faster than boba shops.

But there are still pockets of Chinese food where Vancouver outshines SGV, like some of the higher-end upper-crust Hong Kong style banquet houses (Kirin, Chef Tony, etc.), or simply the availability of simply prepared seafood restaurants (like Hoitong).

And lets not forget that many of the Hong Kong folks who immigrated to Vancouver are starting to reptatriate to their homeland, now that the handover hasn’t been a complete disaster.


I’m much more interested in the opinion of this other, as-yet-unnamed non-Cantonese Los Angeles Chinese food writer who isn’t Clarissa Wei. Who is it, and should I trust his/her judgment?

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@JThur01 is the only person I can think of with those credentials

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Nah it’s not Jim, but the person does post here from time to time. I’ll let him identify himself.

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the plot thickens.

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Well my article used the words “so far”.

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Actually you hit it on the head.

The Chinese that are immigrating to foreign countries (mainly the US) are mainlanders. Net immigration out of HK has basically turned negative, and net immigration into HK is slowly turning positive.

Can’t even find HK staff, much less a “trained” chef, nowadays here in SoCal.

what about the higher end dim sum places? what’s the sourcing for their staffs?

+1, quality of Cantonese food has been on a noticeably steady decline last couple of years. i.e Tasty garden is pretty crap post mgmt changeover.

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Depends on the Tasty Garden branch. Irvine seems to be holding its own. Alhambra isn’t.

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So I guess SGV regulars no longer have reason to go to Yank Sing or that shithole Koi Palace when they’re in SF?

@kevin? :joy: (His latest article from today, and it’s even about Chinese food!)

j/k - I think I have an idea who it is…

No, you have to go to Twitter to find the referenced comments.

I actually prefer the dim sum at Dragon Beaux on Geary in SF to what you get in the SGV.

this place right here? That also serves hotpot?


Yes. Haven’t tried the hotpot.

i found his mug


I’m going to Vancouver next month can anyone recommend any good chinese restaurants?

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