LA city & county restaurant pandemic restriction changes on June 15

Until a formal public-health order is released, it’s all just speculation, technically.

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I think it’s more than just speculation at this point.

No, it’s not. There is no link in the article to the state guidelines that it references.

I work in this space. There is no new formal guidance from LACDPH for those of us planning even “medium-sized” events (< 100 people) on state-run property, and we still must go through environment, health, and safety depts. How that affects private businesses such as restaurants and such, I don’t know.

The last update to reopening guidelines for LA were dated 05/14/2021 (Reopening LA County - LA County Department of Public Health). New guidelines may indeed be released in 2 weeks. But those of us in my area (higher-level education) aren’t privy to any updates until the actual guidelines are released. The lack of communication has been completely frustrating.

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Newsom’s plans are not speculation (“CA is set to fully reopen on June 15”), and apparently include scrapping the county color tiers, but that doesn’t mean that every city or county health department will go along with it 100%.

As always, local public health departments may implement policies that are more restrictive than the state.

Then let me rephrase. Newsom’s plans are completely irrelevant to those of us who plan events that occur in facilities and/or property owned by the city, county, and state who currently need to determine how to obtain proof of vaccination and cross check w/ photo ID before allowing admission.

The general public can as excited as it wants about the lifting of restrictions but, until formal guidelines are released that would presumably absolve the planners from responsibility for outbreaks, any talk of “COVID-19 restrictions being lifted” are, IMHO, meaningless b/c there is no concrete, actionable information for planners to use.

Again, restaurants may be held to very diff standards.

(Edit: please excuse the irritable tone, which is about my frustration over the CDC et al. releasing guidance – which does not necessarily yet have the force of law – w/o forewarning the parties who actually make sh*t happen… My frustration is not about the actual FTC conversation).


We’ll see what actually happens on June 15, but “fully reopen” should mean all state-level pandemic restrictions are removed.

Which would eliminate any county- or city-level restrictions that simply refer to the state.

Trying to make sense of county- and city-level health orders is in some cases deeply confusing as instead of issuing a single updated document they’ve been issuing addenda and modifications for over a year.

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