LA food bowl 2019-some interesting events (including ours)!

The LA times just released the full schedule of events. The LA times does a good job marketing their marqee events with the big names but I want to highlight some lesser hyped events that might be of interest FTC’ers:

  1. Yu Bo’s Sichuan Dinner 5/8 and 5/15

  2. Exploration of Fish Sauce: Padek, Patis, Nuoc Mam a free event by Diep Tran, Isa Fabro, and Saengthong Douangdara on 5/26

  3. Finally, I want to give a plug for our event, we’re hosting a Noodle Pulling 101 on 5/26. We’re teaming up with Chef Leo Lamprides of The Chinese Laundry food truck to do an interactive workshop of chinese and vietnamese noodle pulling. Handle pulled La Mian and Biang Biang and fabric pulled banh cuon.

Unfortunately Grandma Ly won’t be there @paranoidgarliclover @ChineseChou @attran99 but i’ve been training diligently as her disciple. Chef Leo spent time training in China to learn the about la mian.

It’s gonna be fun and interactive. There will be lots of food, noodles, cocktails and limited tickets.


That’s what I’m eyeing. Thanks for the info!

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Along with the traditional pork and Woodear mushroom, We’re introducing some never before Banh Cuon for this event— turmeric Banh Cuon with shrimp, king mushroom and chives, shrimp floss (forgot it on the picture).

And a vegetarian Banh Cuon with young jackfruit jicama, and onions.

And we’re also grinding our own rice for the flour and home made cha lua. This is not your typical dim sum Cheng fun or restaurant Banh Cuon.

Taking steam rice rolls up a whole nother level :sunglasses:


Shrimp floss? What is this sorcery.

Ha ha you’ve been Eating it all the time with banh beo.

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Ooooh that. Got it.

I guess I should just follow you on IG.


Well, I missed you all and the site more than I thought I would, so I’m back. :slight_smile:

Pic from the event. More to come later.


Nice! Welcome back to FTC! Very nice pic btw.

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Welcome back!


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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Joy! :blush: Welcome back!


We missed you, too!


Missed you too! Looking forward to your report and for the New York Times perspective
The art of Banh Cuon


I didn’t take notes, get any photos of the guests (e.g., me) doing some hand pulling, and I also didn’t take a shot of Leo (from doing some of the more impressive dough manipulation. Such is life.

Since I’m horrible at remembering plot points for, um, everything, I’ll defer to @hppzz for a more full description (is there a way for me to allow you to edit my post?).

The event was lovely (I have to admit I was completely unfamiliar w/ banh cuon prior to this), and the food was delicious. The beef tartare was particularly good (in the pic I posted above), the you po mian was thick and toothsome, and the pies were FANTASTIC (and I say this as someone who is generally not a fan of sweets). Cribbing from Edlyne’s Nicolas’s IG, the flavors were salted earl grey honey, ube coconut cream, and… not sure what the third one was.

For me, the event helped to solidify the idea that there’s Asian food that’s not Japanese that’s beautifully artisanal (or whatever word you want to use).

And Hong and Kim were VERY patient with all of us trying to make the bahn cuon. :smiley:

(The small bites)

(Cocktails by The Base)

(Leo and Helen from Chinese Laundry)

(Some dough for us to try pulling… no after pics b/c my fingers were too oily)

(Hong demonstrating how to make the banh cuon)

(Ideally what the bahn cuon looks like…)

(Kim teaching guests)

(Prepping the You Po Mian)

(You Po Mian)

(Baker Edlyne Nicolas)


Thanks for the excellent report, and glad to see you back!

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