La Meuniere for lunch

I wasn’t going to go here but the waitress at Cafe des Federations included it on her list, so we made reservations for lunch.

We were seated at one of the many small communal tables in the main dining room. A large group came in at some point but they were seated in a back room. The resto was nearly full. Next to us, a mother/daughter pair sat down. The mother was very friendly and kept chatting with us. They were both from Lyon, but the daughter now lived in Martinique, so came once a year to visit her mother.

I though we were getting pig ear when I ordered this l’oreiller. I was surprised, but not disappointed. Delicious! Definitely more than enough for two, though we did manage to finish it off!

I got the brains. Fantastic!!

It wasn’t until I came back to LA that I realized we can’t get cow brain here. There is a test for mad cow but I read long ago that the FDA refuses to allow farmers to use it.

Husband got the andouillette. As it fell from my faves, it became his.

Then dessert. I got cheese. Ahhh, cheese…

The mother next to us was devouring her dessert, fromage blanc, covered in sugar. Husband got it. At first, he ate without sugar, but then she kept insisting he add sugar, and loads, and he agreed, better with sugar. :grinning:

The chef came around at the end of lunch and said hello to those still in the dining room. Fantastic meal and fun dining experience.


I had veal brain in LA at Animal, so it is possible to get here

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You can get brains here at the right taco place.

I know you can get pig and lamb brain, but I haven’t been able to get cow. I get pig brain’s occasionally from A Cut Above.

brain sandwich from Attari (I assume lamb)

my pan fried pig brains - much tastier than it looks

I’ll ask another butcher/farmer if they can get sell cow brain. I wonder if veal brain is considered safe by the FDA, then.

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BSE :grimacing:

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I’m more likely to be bitten by a shark, and I don’t swim in the ocean. :wink:

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