La Morra Pizzeria (pop-up)

At Tabula Rasa Thursdays this month.


Have you tried it? Their Instagram pics look good.

And apparently in Culver City on Tuesdays. :slight_smile:

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That Calabrese in the photo was my dinner. I recommend it highly.

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Pizzas are fantastic. I’ve had like 6 over two different visits and they’re the real deal.

do you know where? i’ll go

edit: found it… it’s at hayden

The calendar also lists “Vintage and Pizza party” at 3725 Eagle Rock on Sat noon-5. Google street view shows an auto repair shop with some kind of flea market in its lot.

ok. i think i’ll just go to desano if i want zza :stuck_out_tongue:

Just came back from Desanos. Still fantastic.


Went to La Morra a few weeks back and wanted to make sure to compliment them here. Learned about their operation from this article,
and headed down thursday to Tabula Rasa Bar where they’re in the back firing up their pizzas. Had the margherita and it was probably the best one I’ve had in LA thus far. The couple who run La Morra couldn’t have been nicer and I especially enjoyed their unique sourdough based crust that was nicely seasoned. Just wanted to bump this thread and hopefully encourage any others to give this place a try. I hope they become a brick an morter at some point in the future!



We’ve had a couple of pop ups with them at Salazar and they are indeed wonderful pizza people and people people. Looks like they will be setting up every first Monday of the month henceforth (starting 11/5), weather permitting.