LA Restaurant Hot Takes

Simpang in Palms is probably the best bet.

Haven’t been to Kasih in Downtown but I heard some good things.


I miss the market they had

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Okay, I’ll try it one more time.

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

We tried Kasih, and I have zero interest in returning, but maybe they were just off nights. Still there are too many great restaurants and unexplored places for us to want to return right now.

Where in Boston ?

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I wasn’t wildly impressed by Kasih, but it was good enough that I’d give it another try.

Ramayani claims to be Indonesian, but the menu seemed all over the place.

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Market is closed? It would take me a half hour to get to Simpang. Banana Leaf is serviceable

I has been 16 years i can’t remember . There were a couple in Chinatown for example

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They used to operate a Malaysian market on site as well. It was 1/3 market 1/3 deli 1/3 Malay Lunch counter. I believe they remodeled a year or 2 ago and it’s all restaurant. Someone correct me if I’m wrong


Yea I’ve been there a lot. I was acting surprised that the market is closed. Guess it has been a while

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I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine yet. On searching this site it seems like FTCers are a bit tepid about the restaurant but I’ve always enjoyed it when I eat there. I’m also not a huge Michelin Guide person but I was gratified to see that they gave Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine a plate mention.

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[quote=“WireMonkey, post:168, topic:10723”]
[/quote]ive had this bookmarked for a while now . We were kind of discussing what’s accessible around mid city I thought

Their laksa is excellent!

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Oh, around Trejos et al. I thought you meant, like, the world. Indonesian and Malaysian is so thin on the ground in LA I thought anything was up for grabs.

Very disappointed to hear about the market at Simpang. It was one of the only places I could find different curry powders.

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Okay, had Trejo’s Breakfast Burrito this morning. Gone are the really crispy potatoes, replaced by not so crispy tater tots (probably more cost & labor efficient) and there wasn’t a lot of tortilla strip crunch. Also, I think Danny must be a heat guy because they had really hot sauces in the beginning, not Holbox hot, but hot… well not no more. Everything is more tailored to a mainstream customer base. I get it. I’m not mad at them. It’s still a good burrito, but if you’re a real burrito head it won’t give you the warm & fuzzies.

Eggs, Cheese, Bean Dip, Salsa, Taters, Strips

…My boo got Chorizo in his.

I don’t trust the Avocado, so I just ordered a 2oz side of Guacamole just in case it was bad. It wasn’t. Plus a side of some kind of Creme Salsa sauce.


Banana leaf


Cute kid!

I ate him too


Roti look legit, maybe slightly underdone.