LA Restaurant Hot Takes

Cosa buona? Slightly cheaper

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Roti look legit, maybe slightly underdone.

Funny. They look over done to me. Have you tried the Frozen Paratha from Trader Joes? With a hot skillet and a bit of Ghee you can get something similar but much better tasting IMHO.

I totally agree though… The Kid is adorable. And while Curry Canai maybe a fine dinner for a young kid (Dippers!), it’s not for me.

Planning a visit soon… but this place looks promising…


i love Cosa Buona, i just wish they had some pasta dishes.

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Santa Monica. I can definitely see quality depending on barista, though I also like their beans for when I make my own; probably my second fave for espresso behind the milano blend from The Coffee Roaster in Sherman Oaks.

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Yeah they must not have the burner space in their small kitchen. Maybe if they build another they can add that addition to their menus.

I’m talking about spaghetti and meatballs, veal parm, baked shell etc. Not another woodburning oven

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This trend has made for some seriously lazy cooking. Roast everything, then garnish. It’s the restaurant version of sheet pan cooking.


We really really need this. I absolutely love Jon & Vinny’s, but it’s a pain in the ass to get a table there and it’s expensive when you do. It’s relegated to a special occasion spot when it’s the type of place that should be heavily in the rotation.

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People talk about Dan Tana’s a lot but it’s a pain in the ass for other reasons.


Well maybe you should check out their menu since they have everything you listed sans spaghetti…

I’ve been twice, it’s not the kind of place I’m craving.

Just did. Weekday only, sandwich only. Too many restrictions. Hard to walk into. Small place with strict reservations etc etc. On the east coast we have reliability, access to these kind of basics. Maybe I can find a way to do it even with a career?

Fair enough, access is always difficult in the hipper parts of LA which definitely sucks. I’ve actually found setting up resy alerts or checking day of helps quite a bit.

You always mentioned opening a pizza spot, maybe you do pizza/plus ital-amer classics!

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I can’t though. I’m a 20 year finance professional who just got to the next level last year so i don’t have the energy or time. All I have is wants and ideas. So maybe i create, design and open a small place that I can’t run myself? Those tend to fail unless you have a trusted GM


Totally get it I’ve had food based ideas too but giving up my lucrative and relaxing day job to start a passion project just isn’t in the cards for me either.

Maybe a retirement project to consider one day though!


Is there a statistic for CH/FTC owned & operated food businesses…and I mean long-time contributors who just decide to do it?
Also, wouldn’t it be cool to have an FTC meet-up at place opened and run by one amongst our ranks? I’ve seen some crazy awesome skills on this board.

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That would be amazing! I feel like the closest might be @hppzz since they do pop ups a lot.


Michelin’s list of starred restaurants is the only reasonable list of best restaurants in LA that I’ve seen. (Michelin’s bib gourmand awards, on the other hand, are hit and miss and sometimes downright silly – e.g., Thai Thing.)

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Michelin’s starred restaurants are a preposterously narrow-minded selection.

The FTC top 25 is not.

ten votes

nine votes

eight votes
Shunji Japanese Cuisine

seven votes
Langer’s Deli
Porridge + Puffs

six votes
Howlin’ Ray’s

five votes
Guerrilla Tacos
Iki Ramen

four votes
106 Seafood Underground
Mori Sushi
Ngu Binh

three votes
Bulgarini Gelato
Chengdu Taste
Newport Seafood
Pâtisserie Chantilly
Sapp Coffee Shop

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Hi @Nemroz,

Nooo…! I’m still drooling over that amazing open hearth lamb dish you posted about a couple years ago (from your village back in the day)? We need you to cook some of those amazing specialties! :slight_smile: