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Just figured I’d post this but a very good alt publication LA Taco which was kind of like the spiritual successor to LA weekly is in danger of going under. If you’ve ever read them I would urge you to donate, subscribe or buy merch

Eater article here:


This sucks, and they need to more than triple their subscriber base :frowning: Traditional media and journalism is so hard. I wish there were more obvious solutions, but seems like almost everyone is struggling in the space. It’s also hard to justify when pricing is pretty comparable to the New York Times promotional/retention rates and the scope and potential audience is so much smaller. I don’t know if going cheaper would really get more people to subscribe either :frowning: IMO it only makes sense if you have lots of free money and want to “support the arts” or you’re very invested in the content and get a lot of value from it. I hope they make it.


I saw this this morning along with the Knock LA debacle :frowning: Big RIP for local journalism, from the ostensible big players to the indie outlets.

Signed up on my end! Big fan of the local food journalism

I believe the article mentioned plans to go nonprofit or open a nonprofit arm, but setting that up takes time. :grimacing:
And with the other news today about Ground Game LA / Knock LA, could be understandably leery of fiscal sponsorship


What happens to ground game?

Situation is still developing …

My understanding is that Ground Game LA is a civic organization that is a 501(c), and it was a fiscal sponsor for Knock LA (local LA journalism). Long story short, Knock LA wanted to become independent, sounds like Ground Game LA tried to take over instead, big public blowup. Not sure what happens to them both now.

I imagine that this only increases LA Taco’s cautions about developing its nonprofit arm !

Really hope to see LA Taco’s independent journalism continue. edited to fix: I thought Eater was under Resy (sorry, maybe this is a reddit misinfo), but they are not, they are under Vox media. see below!


Eater isn’t under Resy at all. Eater is part of Vox Media. You might be confused because Resy was founded by Eater co-founder Ben Levanthal. Leventhal hasn’t been with Eater since the late aughts and I don’t believe he’s with Resy either anymore. He’s now with Blackbird.

You’re right, thanks for the clarifications. I think I picked up this misunderstanding from reddit. Edited to fix!

now I’m gonna have to correct this on Reddit ugh! where did you see it? (thanks for correcting your post!)

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i’m a subscriber to LA Taco and hope it pulls through.


I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember when this comes up on r/foodlosangeles, but usually on the threads complaining about Pijja Palace

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Just did a year subscription.