LA, the Most Exciting Food City in America

This is the assessment of the writers in January’s GQ. Oddly, they make this proclamation without even considering the food in the SGV.

third according to wapo

Lol @ Portland being number one. Sure thing WaPo

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Zagat had Pittsburgh as #1. My cousin who lives in a nearby suburb thought that someone at Zagat had to have been paid off…

Wasn’t there a Hound who moved to Portland? Was it Mr. Taster? Wonder what he thinks.

Wonder what he thinks.

mostly, “get off my lawn.”


Why don’t we have anything like Langbaan in LA? =(

LOL. I thought he was supposed to hit up all these hip spots and report back. Is he on a Portland board on this site?

Because we get 350 days of sunshine out of a calendar year.

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So the food sucks because the weather is good?..

Nope. Try again.

That is literally the only possible interpretation of the sentence you typed, unless it’s supposed to be a language other than English.


Mr. Taster seems to have disappeared after Sept. 28. What happened? Hellooo, Portland! Mr Taster, formerly of the Los Angeles Chowhound Tasters, is here - #16 by MrTaster

Is the new job that demanding?

perhaps the creator is benevolent after all.

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The faulty logic is mind blowing.

One moment he claims LA has the best Thai. And a few hours later says it sucks.

Not my fault you have the reading comprehension of a 5 year old.

You’re the one unable to draw the appropriate conclusion from Ipse’s post. Keep trying Bacoman.

Bruh, chill. Ips was saying we can’t have absolutely everything and we’re already quite blessed. And he’s right.

@Porthos is a culinary godsend we need not anger. Half the places you eat at, he discovered.

We have Sapp and Night Market and Isaan Station and luv2eat and Jitlada (haters be damned) and Ruen Pair and Thai Nakorn and Pa Ord. So if we don’t have this random Thai tasting menu place who cares? Fuck, we have Thai fried chicken sandwiches and uni fried rice. I don’t need to pay 150 dollars to get my Thai on with some unknown chef in some town where it rains every damn day.


True, but if only we had places like Pok Po – … oops