La times article: scallion pancakes

i found the article noteworthy not because the recommendations mirrored my own for the most part, but more that the choices reflected the diversity within the category and allowed for differences in preference.


Is this style of cong youbing available in the SGV anywhere?


It’s prevalent at the nicer Beijing style restaurants in Hong Kong, more of the banquet 京菜 (官府菜 “official”) variety.

i’ve not seen any, but there are a couple of beijing style restaurants in the SGV i have yet to try.

Is there a filling inside of it?

Can’t find any close up photos of the inside but definitely lots of scallions. Exterior is toasty and crispy and the insides rather heavenly in taste (particularly the fragrant scallions).

are they fried or baked?

Fascinating article! The possible Indian connection is particularly intriguing. I can totally see the similarity to paratha.

Malaysia has roti canai - not unlike scallion pancakes - just thinner, unembellished, and richer in texture/taste. Always served with curry sauce, I’d have to think these scallion pancakes would be great with a curry sauce.


I’m SO doing this lol.

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A&J has what they call a 1000 Layer pancake. Very tasty to dip into their beef noodle soup

Photo from Yelp (I ate mine too fast to snap a shot)


This is called 抓餅 “zhua bing”, translated it means roughly “to-be-grabbed pancakes”.

抓餅 is usually prepared without scallions, though. And the dough tends to tastes ever so gently sweeter than your typical tzong yeoh bing (scallion pancakes)…

Pretty common to find 抓餅 in SoCal. Glad you discovered it - Enjoy!

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IIRC the construction is unique in that instead of folding it over and over to get layers, it’s rolled like a jellyroll and then coiled in a spiral and flattened once.