LA Time's LA Food Bowl: All Star BBQ and LA's Best Burgers Events

I can never find anybody ever posting thoughts on these types of events, so hopefully a year from now, this can be helpful to somebody.

I attended two events over the weekend. LA’s Best Burgers was Saturday 1-4pm, and All Star BBQ was Sunday 1-4pm. Both were in the same place in Grand Park, and priced at $85 for all you can eat / drink. Overall, the BBQ event was awesome. The burger event was meh.

First the burger event:


Food Bowl is challenging some of the city’s best burger creators to come up with the ultimate burger, one that distinctly represents L.A. Participating restaurants will include HiHo Cheeseburger, Banh Oui, Everson Royce Bar, Hank’s, Bowery, Love Hour and Belcampo Meat Co. All food and drink is included in the price of admission. This event will be hosted by L.A. Times food writer Jenn Harris.

Timothy Hollingsworth was there, repping Otium

Chicken burger

Grass fed wagyu, apparently. I couldn’t tell.

Banh oui burger won the judge’s choice award.

Dessert by milk bar:


I wouldn’t do this burger event again. Other than Otium’s burger being quite novel with its use of eel bbq sauce, nothing really stood out to me. I’d have been happier eating a single umami burger and fries. I guess I don’t really want an all burger event. It’s like going to a tasting menu and getting 10 courses of burger. I’m sick of eating burgers for a while right now…


With the help of chef and barbecue guru Adam Perry Lang, Food Bowl has assembled a fearsome lineup of BBQ and grilling talent from around the city and the country. For one glorious afternoon, Los Angeles will be the center of the barbecue universe as we welcome the following grill jockeys to Grand Park:

Burt Bakman (Slab BBQ & Trudy’s Underground BBQ, California)Musky Bilavarn (Kra Z Kai’s, California) Billy Durney (Hometown Bar-B-Que, New York)
Aaron Franklin (Franklin Barbecue, Texas)
Matt Horn (Horn Barbecue, California)
Sam Jones (Skylight Inn & Sam Jones BBQ, North Carolina) Adam Perry Lang (APL, California)
Pat Martin (Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Tennessee)
Dave Marin (East L.A. Barbecue, California)
Andrew and Michelle Muñoz (Moo’s Craft BBQ, California) Valerie Gordon (Valerie Confections, California)

Aaron Franklin himself. His lines were the longest, at 15-20 minutes at one point. Not too bad vs. the 3 hour waits in Austin TX though.

Extra moist brisket from Franklin’s.

Amazing amazing beef ribs from APL

Seriously, this APL beef was so perfectly fatty and marbled.

I’m still dreaming about it right now.

James Beard nominee Sam Jones, visiting us all the way from North Carolina


To be honest, I felt physically unwell after eating that much meat. I ate a lot and loved it. I couldn’t help myself. But, I’d do it all over again. It was amazing. The line-up for this event was orders of magnitude better than the burger event, and the quality of the food showed. It was nice to have some variety in the meats – chicken, pork rib, pulled pork, beef rib, brisket, etc etc. Most lines were short (less than 5 minutes), so it was easy to hit all the stations. Would definitely do this again.

There are probably 50 other food stations, that were outside of the VIP area. We picked up some mango sorbet to wash down the food right before we left.


i feel like i missed out on the BBQ Event, i went to the regular night market on Thursday night and i ate too much which deterred me from hitting any other events. Looking at these pictures and the ones on Instagram, i shouldve gone.
damn it, missed out. hopefully they do it next year.


I would’ve been done after 4 beef ribs…


This :raised_hands::raised_hands:. Worth the $85 IMO.

Yes BBQ crawls are tough. I once did a crawl from Luling → Lockhart → Austin in 36hrs. Wasted by the time I made it to Austin. Salads and liquids only for the next several days.


! :open_mouth: Wow, nice @moonboy403. When Adam Perry Lang was doing his pop-up with Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few years back, we split 1 Beef Rib and I felt full from the amount of meat and fat. :sweat_smile:


To be honest, I felt physically unwell after eating that much meat.

Yeah. After BBQ contests… we call that Meat Poisoning… It’s like the only you crave is crunchy salads for days after…


Dang I hope they do the BBQ event again next year I would def go!

APL was my favroite!

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Franklin BBQ…Aaron told me that cooking BBQ in Downtown LA in the middle of the night was one of the strangest things he’s ever done…


Was it good? was it good???

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Wonderful and it was actually worth the money!


That brisket looks insanely good

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this might be old news but i learned yesterday you can postmates apl bbq for lunch. for those of us who tend to avoid hollywood/leaving home this is very exciting news.