LA Times: "'Sucker punch' proposal could doom outdoor dining"

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out politically. I doubt many people will call their City Council reps to support the proposed changes.

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There is a chance to log in for anyone here who wants to chime in on the LA City Planning Commission Zoom public hearing tonight (Feb. 8, 2023 at 6pm) on this issue. Click link here


Is this a city council issue? Can’t make the meeting but wanna contact whoever relevant to voice my opinion…

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It’ll eventually get to the council, it it’s not killed in one of the committees it has to go through first.

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If anyone wants to write in last minute…

"Any written communication must include case number CPC-2022-8179-CA. Comments may be submitted by email to "


The goal, according to the mayor’s office, is to make the permanent program as easy to use as the pandemic one. The mayor has created a working group of city departments to coordinate and develop a one-stop shop for businesses to file for an outdoor dining permit. And the Planning Department, after getting an earful from restaurant owners about the draft ordinance, is looking at ways to streamline the regulations even more.


Starting this month Mayor Bass is now on Larry Mantel on LAist. This was her first month and the show took place during the same right after the news of this came out. (Larry had done a show a day prior on it with some restaurant owners to discuss it) He asked her about it and she seemed very supportive of the existing policies. So while I do think that pandemic exceptions were HIGHLY situational (and, oh boy… I speak personally about this regarding this…) but that doesn’t mean you have to go right back to pre-pandemic policies.

There was no discussion of going back to pre-pandemic policies, only of how to formalize and make permanent the pandemic policies.

Seems like the bureaucrats didn’t talk with anyone before putting out their ill-conceived peoposals.

Regulators want to regulate even when it makes people’s lives miserable. But they have such great intentions.

Sorry, it’s just a fucking money grab. I think the vast majority of citizens (though I have zero proof) prefer having all this wonderful outdoor dining.

Why the fuck do they have to make everything so goddamn burdensome?

Sorry for the angry cussing. Sometimes the best thing governments can do is get the fuck out of the way.


appreciate the cursewords


There’s no fucking rule against cursing on this fucking board.


C’mon back @kevin


For fuck’s sake!


For anyone interested in weighing in on the city’s updated outdoor dining ordinance.