LA Weekly Best 20 Resturants in Los Angeles October 2015

LA Weekly Best 20 Resturants in LA. Thoughts? Omissions?
Mostly critic Besha Rodell’s compilation.

  1. Maude
  2. Trois Mec
  3. Providence
  4. AOC
  5. Petit Trois
  6. Lukshon
  7. Q
  8. Melisse
  9. n/naka
  10. Animal
  11. Spago
  12. Sqirl
  13. Night + Market
  14. Mozza Group
  15. Bestia
  16. Rustic Canyon
  17. Guisados
  18. Baco Mercat
  19. Tsujita
  20. Republique

    Photo of Q by Danny Liao

repost, though admittedly you have a more descriptive title

Sorry I missed that orginal post.

Now I see why it’s so shitty. La weekly. They’ve gone full out bought and sold it appears. Isn’t it time for another tom cruise puff piece ??

Is it me or doe Weekily hold one of those JGold type food eating events like once every month >???

it’s a little overkill if you happen to ask me.

They do one big event “2015 The Essentials” and few little ones (pancakes, burgers, and more)

compare the restaurants at the essentials to their list and lemme know

I don’t swear as much as kevin, but…

Fucking Q?! Unless Naruke-san has seriously re-thought and re-tooled his cold, hard shari, Q don’t even belong on the Top 100. And how on earth can it even be above n/naka?!

Because lawyer money.

In all seriousness, the logic for these media rankings often goes something like this:

Editor: “We NEED to include a sushi place. Somewhere different. Somewhere new. Somewhere not so talked-about…DTLA is popping. Let’s do ‘Q,’ that sounds exotic enough.”

Intern: “They do have Edison bulbs.”

Editor: “Number…hmm, people like sushi…number 18. Scratch that; 7.”

Intern: “You sure?”

Editor: “Yeah, 7.”


“Bacco Group” = top 22. I’m surprised I’ve been to nine of them.

Reads like the authors’ honest opinion to me. I can’t see how anyone could look at themselves in the mirror after putting Pizzeria Mozza on such a list but that doesn’t mean they took a bribe. They’ve been consistent fans of Q.

It wouldn’t be a bribe. That’s too obvious.

But being friends, being invited to special events, being comped every time they go to an establishment, getting VIP treatment or always being able to get a reservation, invites to the next restaurant opening, etc.

I know a group that has opened a few new bars in LA in the past 2 years and each new bar they open is written up as “LA’s hottest new bar” within a week. The writer is a friend of the wife.

Stuff like that.

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Do they note in a disclosure that the author is a friend of the wife ?

At least, J Gold does make the disclosure that Nancy Silverton is a close friend of the family. His wife, Laurie Ochoa, has authored myriad of cookbooks with Silverton over the years.

But J Gold still praises the “Mozza Group” to the fucking high heavens, beyond the celestial firmament.

Were there other bars you thought were hotter those weeks?

That kind of gossipy news item isn’t really comparable to a review. It’s not an informed value judgment, it’s just hype. Typically reviewers don’t write that stuff. When they do, the publication’s probably not serious.

Personally, I think Q sushi is the best sushi restaurant in LA and the most comparable to top sushi restaurants in Japan.

I think Pizzeria Mozza has the best pizza in LA.

And I think Osteria Mozza is in the competition for best Italian in LA.

Maybe I’m influenced by lawyer money or something?