LaBarbera's - Christmas came early

So, sitting at home and the phone rings. Its Robert LaBarbera in town form up North. Has two pies for me and is in Brentwood. We have talked many times but never met. Asks if I want to meet to pick up two sausage pies? I say give me 20 minutes. We meet and do a reverse of the hand off Weinermobile and I did several months ago. He has been following us here and still wants to do something. I told him at this point its a bucket list thing for a bunch of people and that is my only interest. Bottom line is he says he wants to make it happen and it appears that we may have a licensed kitchen to do it from. We are back to 50/50. He follows FTC so send the love.

Sorry Kevin the pies are sausage. Bob?


There is a god……Every time a bell rings an angel gets a slice of La Barbara’s Pizza.


Where is that damn “heart” button (like the one we used to have on that site-which-shall-not-be-named) when you need it most?!


I AM IN BRENTWOOD AND AM DYING TO TRY YOUR PIZZA B/C I’VE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT IT. Could someone just give me a slice??? :smile:

Find a kitchen who is closed on a Sunday or Monday. Does he need a kitchen with pizza oven or is it a bake it when you get home?

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What a lovely thing to read on a Sunday morning - a Christmas miracle! I really hope this comes together, and boy, are you lucky (says the girl in Santa Monica, wanting a slice)/

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Fundamental LA is closed on Mondays… Bar Food is open 7 days a week, but it might make for a relatively low-key pop up location… :smile:

Langer’s on a Sunday…

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I can get you one or too. It’s up to you you have my add. Drop a line…

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What is going on here?

I assume that @Pizzaman is offering to be my drug pizza mule.

A bit of an unfortunate follow up. LaBarbara had a very serious motorcycle accident and was almost killed. He spent two days on life support but pulled through and is on the mend. This happened a few months back but he is still recovering and hopefully will make a full one. In any event, any hope of a pizza fest any time soon is very unlikely although he would very much appreciate our good thoughts and well wishes.

Our best wishes go out for a speedy and complete recovery…


Thanks for letting us know, @Thor - sending best wishes for a rapid, comfortable, and full recovery!


If you find out tell me.

Old History… link back in time to chowhound

& thoughts/prayers… I have many fond memories of LaBarbera’s

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That’s so sad to hear. I’m glad to hear he’s improving. Sending positive thoughts for a full recovery!

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Sending healing thoughts and wishes and prayers!

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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers,& well wishes, Iam getin better everyday.